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Why do children shoes wear so fast

by:Ideastep     2020-09-14

I wonder if you find anything, the child to walk, cost of shoes? Just buy the large base of new sports shoes last month, the month the heel to wear. This is a sea up to the mountain every day skin everywhere? Wear shoes particularly fast, also is likely to be the foot line caused by abnormal biological force. During the off-season, quickly take out your children's shoes look, see if the wear degree under this kind of situation!

in general, wear the shoes with longer time will appear a certain degree of orthotic insole manufacturers outer wear. About 4 ° inclination, it is perfectly normal. Lateral heel wear is obvious, and wear and tear from the foot heel is all the way to the front feet, you will need to alert! Worn over 4 ° Angle, explain heel lateral stress too much, there may be a spin after problems.

and the related foot problems including:

1) high arches: namely arch anomalous uplift, may lead to the Achilles tendon contracture, plantar fascia contracture, pretibial muscle weakness, etc. Thus high arches are mostly not durable walking, foot fatigue, feel sore.

(2) the horseshoe varus foot: is a common by foot drop, in turn, three main case adduction of foot problems. But for early intervention to help foot health development.

in addition, the orthotic insole manufacturers of the lateral abnormal wear of children are likely to have a knee varus ( The O type leg) Focus on problems, namely, the body weight, knee medial articular surface and lower limb power line, parapodum bow stress than the inside, outside orthotic insole manufacturers lateral badly worn.

for this situation, need as soon as possible. Still growing children, in particular, if the bone before maturity, is a correction can make its lines of force to achieve the best position of lower limb, make biological force line close to normal. If not timely found the problem, the problem may be caused by other parts of the body the influence of the knee, hip, back and even the whole body.

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