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Why Do You Need Orthotics


This is a common misconception that the shoe is embedded just to relieve pain in the arch. Many years ago, orthoses may be more limited in design, but today custom orthoses can treat a variety of situations.

Recently, a patient was surprised to find that most of the foot problems were caused by improper mechanical manipulation of the foot. This includes heel pain, arthritis, neuroma and arch pain, also known as plantar fasciitis. Functional orthoses are designed to control and improve the mechanics of the foot and to improve many of the symptoms associated with these conditions. Orthopaedics are also effective in improving knee, hip, lower back pain and calf pain, which are often the result of excessive internal rotation. The use of a functional orthosis can increase the stability of the foot and make the pressure on the calf muscles smaller.

Many people without foot problems can still benefit from custom aligners. So, next time your back feels pain after a walk, or when your knees cause you a little trouble, consider getting a gait analysis from a podiatrist! A custom aligner may be a lifeless life solution!

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