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Why Germany 45% of all children need to wear a custom correction shoes, you know

by:Ideastep     2020-11-06

why Germany 45% of all children to wear shoes, custom correction you know

Germany 46% of young children, 15% of adults are using correct shoes to wear. In some European and American countries, orthopedic shoes have also been used as a treatment for ankle, knee, hip and lumbar disease treatment

the child's feet in the developmental stage, but if you look carefully, you may find that your child has some questions related to the feet and legs, such as flat feet, balance disorders, knee pain, and foot pain leg pain, etc. When these problems arise, children need corrective devices, or more sensible, custom orthotics to help them, this is very common. So, how do you know if your child needs orthodontic treatment?

to determine whether children need to correct the first step is to look at their age. Before 4 years old, the children usually flat feet, for their feet are still developing. Please don't worry, give them some time to let them grow body

after 4 years old, your child's feet have muscles and bones to control their movements. They should also be formed in the strongly arches. Check your child arch of the foot as simple as let them stand up. When they touch the floor, should be able to see their feet slightly bent upwards. However, if the arch is hardly off the ground, or does not exist, what happens?

this is a strong signal that indicates that your child has a doctor said flat feet. When the arch structure composed of muscles and bones can not provide enough support, will happen.

if the child did not find flat feet, could lead to youth and adulthood pain, so we need to pay attention to two things:

the foot and ankle pain

this is one of the most obvious, but if your child shows their foot and ankle pain, when they stand up or put weight on their feet, their feet no bow, this is a typical phenomenon of flat feet. Children may also be said that my feet hurt when they wear shoes

between the heel and toe pain ( Plantar fasciitis)

if the kids noticed them between the heel and toe of a drawing pain, this may be a flat feet and signs of plantar fasciitis occurs at the same time. For movement of children, the important is not only the stretch the muscles, but also solve the potential of the foot support

how to help children solve these symptoms

we recommend that you use correct shoes custom custom center correction to relieve pain, and help correct arch is missing, the lack of arch of the foot back. Flatfoot symptoms associated with any flatfoot children and pain, can benefit from the smart shoes with correction capability, to alleviate the pain, and help to train their muscles and bones movement

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