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Why our heel will it hurt?

by:Ideastep     2020-08-26

as the saying goes: the leaves of bamboo by dry, people from the foot! So, we often hear the old man said, my heel hurts ah, this is the age of physical quality gradually reduce performance directly. In fact, whether it's 20 years old young man, or more than 50 years of age, have the possibility of developing heel pain, serious even walk all difficulties!

heel pain is common, characterized by long standing or walking for a long time the heel inside or the outside of the pain, heel parts not red not swollen, but may lead to walking.

heel need to take a lot of the load. But sometimes sport or overuse can lead to heel below or behind the pain. Below the heel pain common reason is stepped on something hard, plantar fasciitis ( Inflammation of the connective tissue caused by excessive use of) And below the heel of the nerve is stimulated. Behind the heel pain is a common cause of Achilles tendinitis, slippery bursa phlogistic, or discomfort in the feet of shoes.

look closely at the heel pain of people, they often have some characteristics, such as obesity, postpartum women, women love to wear high heels, and the old man stooped.

heel pain?

(1) rest, reduce the weight-bearing exercise.

(2) control weight, obese people to scientific lose weight, appropriate to reduce the pressure of the foot.

3. Put the right shoes and custom orthopedic insoles can relieve pain, Pictured above type insoles) 。

(4) develop good foot hygiene.

(5), balanced, high calcium diet can improve the condition of the heel bone osteoporosis.

6 coincidence with hot and cold packing.

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