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Winter how to protect the foot!

by:Ideastep     2020-09-18

'winter climate is dry, cold weather, the body vulnerable to cold evil stimulation, thus performance in all areas of the body. In addition, some office workers daily work more hard, life pressure is overweight, may cause a series of negative effects on body. According to the above several ways, it is the most suitable every night with hot bubble feet 15 minutes or so, not only can dispel cold evil, but also can reduce stress, help to sleep at night.

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is affected by the weather and itself, the most vulnerable is the foot, characterized by foot to dry, split, cocoon, so how to protect your feet also becomes especially important. To be symptomatic treatment, must be made clear in the first place or to produce the foot dry, what is the cause of the tear. Sweat gland is secreted exuberant as summer, winter skin is easy to dry, plus the corneous layer thickening, become lose elasticity, as well as the long time friction, extrusion force, so would form the phenomenon of dry, split, cocoon. So usually will develop nursing concept, focus on prevention, to prevent foot problems. Winter spats

first, after a busy day, with hot bubble foot 15 minutes, when not enough hot water to add water at any time, with foot transmition, individuals can be tolerance is advisable. A relatively simple health care keeping in good health method is to use Chinese prickly ash decoct soup bubble wash, Chinese prickly ash as medicinal herbs, can rise the sterilization, disinfection, such as pain, itching, swelling, wash with Chinese prickly ash blisters for a long time, can remove the body cold evil, even the sun be the spirit, to enhance their resistance, have the effect of resist invaded. In addition, do not use alkalescent too strong soap or soap to wash feet, to avoid the feet dry skin.

the foot cocoon, split the problem, can be used to clean blade with alcohol after disinfection, gently scrape off the surface of the thick cocoon, and then coated with vaseline, delicate vegetable oil or cream to soften the skin. In addition, the internal aftercare is also very important, the winter was cold, dry climate, your body needs water also corresponding increase, so often eating fresh vegetables, fruits and so on to supply nutrition and moisture required for everyday.

the place on put together is narrated, the winter foot guard can simply summarized as the following steps:

(1) to check whether the foot dry, split, cocoon;

(2) feet in Chinese prickly ash water soak for 15 minutes, the water will increase in time, keep the water temperature;

3. Dry feet, fully massage the foot, foot on both sides, accelerate the foot blood circulation,

(4) especially on the feet foot heel, covered with moisturizing cream to moisturize foot, prevent weather-shack.

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