Women should be how to prevent flat feet

Many female friends because of the job requirements, standing to the daily work, such as hairdressers, salesman, etc. In fact, standing for a long time easy to form some occupational disease, such as flat feet, it will be a heavy blow for beautiful to love girl. Therefore, this article introduce corrective shoes!

steps/methods: 1, first of all have to wear a thick, soft shoes. Some barbers and restaurant waiters like wearing no heel women sandals or no heel shoes. But it is best not to wear these two shoes. Should buy a pair of BuMianXie over my ankle. And best of heel and toe has openings, so that the air inside shoes. All the woman standing at work should be to find a way to buy this kind of shoes. 2, as long as a have free time, sat down to let feet take a break, and best to take this position, the outside legs crossed on the ground. But this position a lack of beauty, so a guest, or in the park, my feet don’t do this. This position can prevent flat feet. 3, walking, running, jumping and can prevent flat feet. In the wet grass, It is the dew or rain) , barefoot running is the best exercise, can promote the foot blood circulation. Can also be no knee deep in the river of water running. Heel soft shoes on a walk in the ravines crossbar. Note: the prevention and treatment of flat feet hold: backward. Standing on left foot, right foot back, landing on tiptoe. Then the body center of gravity to right foot, right foot touchdown, slowly back to the heel. Do this moral integrity, slower, and then left back, center of gravity shifted to the left heel, and so on.