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You value your ankle health?

by:Ideastep     2020-09-17

Germany ankle injury has more than 1 million people a year, with 80 million people speculate that Germany every year in our country the number of ankle injury in about 16 million. Ankle sprains, Distortions) And ligament injury is one of the most common injuries of all. Pay attention to daily life, often can meet a sprained foot.

the most common ankle injury, nearly 15% - of sports injury 20%. Frequently the rapid changes of direction of movement, jumping movement and collisions with opponents contact sport for ankle ligament is especially risky. Due to an ankle injury of luck see more at football, basketball and volleyball and other sports.

every journey, began under the 'foot', people daily life is closely related to the foot every day. According to the people in every walk of about 8000 ~ 10000 steps, walking distance in a person's life can go around the earth.

however, how many people noticed that his ankle problem?

you know, the foot when walking, under the power of about 2 ~ 3 times the body weight, and this value is greater when running!

so, ankle in order to maintain people's life and work hard day after day, plus equinus, high arches, flat feet, differ long wait for a variety of congenital diseases of lower limb, for the normal operation of ankle added extra load; And lower limb bone fractures of each joint soft tissue injury or acute injury, the serious influence to the health of the ankle; Or evolved by inappropriate treatment of acute injury of chronic disease, will be serious to people's quality of life.

it is no wonder that, according to incomplete statistics, there are seven out of every ten people has a big or small ankle disease or problem.

however, it is because of his ankle problem is so common, often hard to the attention of the people. Even for acute injuries, most people only according to the 'experience', processing carelessly, achieve the goal of acetanilide detumescence over it.

but in many cases, these problems because there is no science in the early orthodontic treatment and control, late led to the increasingly serious situation, not only bring a high cost of treatment, also can cause unnecessary suffering to patients, even affect the normal life for a long time.

so I have to give importance to ankle problem not only, also must grasp better treatment period. After realize the problem must be timely to see a doctor, doctor, can get better treatment effect.

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