【 Correct shoes 】 Pointed foot wear corrective shoes is not enough

we know there are sharp enough children need adapter correct shoes, in this way to make the child’s ankle can be maintained, the function and avoid long-term pointed foot caused more abnormal posture ( Such as knee against zhang) Or bone deformation. But some parents think for sharp enough, as long as wear corrective shoes to suppress such abnormal posture is enough, really? Before we answer this question to get to know some knowledge about the sharp enough.

what is sharp enough? Appears pointed foot tip children must be abnormal?

tip: when standing the baby toe, heel lift off the ground.

pointed foot is divided into physiological pointed foot and pathological pointed foot.

pathological pointed foot: often hint baby there may be a certain degree of brain injury or brain dysplasia, parents need to be enough.

physiologic pointed foot: a one-year-old baby, normal transient pointed in the growth stage, mainly in the 4 months or so to help standing jumping phase and 10 months starting around last stand stage, along with the growth and development, pointed foot will disappear, this is a living rational point. Physiological pointed foot need parents and close follow-up.

in the above, we learned that pointed foot is a pathological, but avoid when children really exists abnormal, we missed the best time, everything is uncertain, please immediately follow-up visits.

children have sharp enough as long as wear corrective shoes is enough?

of course was not enough.

the first thing to know why children appear sharp enough.

pyramidal tract conduction abnormalities after brain damage, leading to increased muscle tone, and its antagonist muscle strength is low, and for a long time without activities actively. Performance in the calf is crus triceps tension increased, ankle flexion, and muscle tension in a state of very uneven, a sharp enough.

confused with pointed foot foot drop: children around the ankle muscle weakness, can’t keep the ankle neutral position, a foot drop. Common in retardation children. Foot drop children also need to wear corrective shoes, but the purpose is not to pull the Achilles tendon, the ankle is located in the midline. Foot drop children are more likely to have sufficient inner and outer, correct shoes or functional wear can lower the risk.

after knowing the cause of the sharp enough, we want to know for sharp enough, we need from what respect to intervene.

pull crus triceps and tendon to relax.

high strengthen muscle tension muscle antagonist muscle strength, increase the ankle joint activity actively.

to establish the right ankle movement, in any environment can have a good activity. Such as walking activity or balance reaction – ankle flexion and extension Ankle reaction mechanism.

why correct shoes for children pointed foot completely not enough? That’s not what to do?

corrective shoes is a kind of auxiliary appliance is used to correct the abnormal posture of rehabilitation engineering, has a good stability. Such as ankle foot corrective shoes ankle can be always keep in the midline, continue to pull children’s Achilles tendon. But its drawback is the lack of flexibility, wear on ankle joint activities difficult children, after ankle without active movement for a long time, can appear even lower leg triceps atrophy. So the correct shoes to wear for a child pointed foot completely was not enough. You need to do?

ankle foot corrective shoes a lot of more phyletic, adapted on the basis of the condition of the child.

corrective shoes have the pull effect is essential, but for high muscle tension muscle antagonist muscle strength training more cannot relax. Ankle dorsiflexion movement actively, strengthen pretibial muscle: let kids hook shot back to the front of the calf. With poor cognitive ability of children, can by the toe instep direction to stimulate, encourage children to lift the instep. In the lift, should pay attention to keep the instep lift the direction vertical to the ground, keep a straight line with the calf.

set up the mechanism of the correct response to the ankle, including the gait and balance training, such as: when the child ability a little bit better, our goal is to change as the change of the child. When children around the ankle joint muscle strength level 3 above, need to pay attention to its application in life. In walking, for example, whether a child can undertake ankle flexion and timely; In maintaining the balance whether can lead to ankle.

when a child is sharp enough, parents need to abandon as long as wear corrective shoes the misconception, the use of assistive devices does not make people once and for all. According to the child’s specific situation, make the correct rehabilitation goals, for effective rehabilitation training are necessary.