Who am I

We started from Insole and still concentrate in Insole Orthotic.

In the year 1989, our elder generation created Insole business named “Yili Shoes Materials Co., Ltd.” and start cooperate with the Shoe manufacturers in Jinjiang China,

now Jinjiang become a shoe center area in the world.

I joined the insole enterprise in 1992 just graduated from the University, lucky I speak english and can travelling in the different countries to promote our insole.

In these 28 years, we have been 37 countires for the exhibitiones or custom visitting, the experience is different and made us different from the rest.

ideastep insole company
ideastep insole company


We manufacture Insole, focus on Pre-fabric & Custom made Orthotic Insole and EVA Cad Cam Blockers;

We provide Pre-fabric & Custom made Orthotic Insole to Footcare professionals and EVA Cad Cam Blockers to Foot & Ankle Lab & Workshop in Overseas countries;

We introduce and promote Pedorthic Technology and Products in China.


What Values we provide for you


0 product quality claim in the past 6 years


Our experienced team provide high efficiency service for your business

Cost Save

Owned the entired product line by our own, we provide high cost performance by Scale effect

Make You Win

Professional cooperation in Pedorthic field and make your ideas to be ready for the market

We are always ready to make you win

Our Social Responsibility

ideastep insole socail responsibility

The Core recruitment labor standards

Company should not use or support to use child labor, should be with other people or interest groups to take the necessary, measures to ensure the children and the education of young people.

ideastep insole socail responsibility

Working hours and wages

Working hours.At no times or in no circumstances to be company to ask employee to work more than 48 hours a week often,and there’s one day off at least in every seven days.

ideastep insole socail responsibility

Healthy & Safety

Companies should have knowledge to avoid all kinds of damages from industrial and special hazards,and provide safe and healthy working environment for employees.

ideastep insole socail responsibility

Management System

Senior management at companies should establish policies conformed to the social responsibilite and laborconditions and audit it regularly, according to this standard; appointing full-time senior management.


orthotic insole certificate

Orthopedic Insole

orthotic insole certificate

Plastic Insole

orthotic insole certificate


orthotic insole certificate

Sole Fitness Insole

orthotic insole certificate

Design Insole

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