A common cause of acquired flatfoot? What are those? How to prevent flat feet?

what are the cause of acquired flatfoot? Flat feet also known as flat feet, for the flat feet, only aware of its cause, in the prevention and control of root. About the cause of flatfoot is what? The following is to answer for you.

acquired flatfoot what are the reasons?

flat feet caused by disease etiology of congenital and acquired factors.

a, acquired flatfoot pathogenic factors are:

( 1) Double sufficient weight to stand for a long time, weight gain, a long journey fatigue, maintain arch muscle, ligament, joint capsule and aponeurosis tissue have ebbed, gradually low arches.

( 2) Sick in bed for a long time, lack of exercise, muscle atrophy, tension is abate, the load-bearing arch subsidence.

( 3) Improper shoes, the heel is too high, weight forward for a long time, under the heel bone forward tilt, longitudinal arch foot damage.

( 4) Foot bone disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, joint tuberculosis, etc.

( 5) Polio after flat foot disease.

2, congenital flatfoot pathogenic factors are:

( 1) Foot vice scaphoid, navicular bone nodules is too large, posterior tibial muscle to the weak.

( 2) Bone is shorter, 2 other metatarsal under gravity is overmuch, make flat arches.

( 3) Sufficient sex or fibrous cartilage between tarsal joint, common have to pitch, heel bone and tarsal bone joint can lead to such as flat.

how to prevent flat feet

1. Flat feet refers to the lack of normal arches, or arch collapse. Flat feet can be congenital, also can be acquired. The baby often in 4 – arch of the foot Formation of 6 years old, most of the baby and adolescent flatfoot is congenital. 。 Many flat flat without symptoms, especially children also do not need treatment, only a few children flatfoot could gradually caused the change of the whole body posture, part of the flat may merge the foot bone structural abnormalities, such as vertical talus, tarsal joint, etc. In the adult flat feet, women over 50 more. Adult flat incipient, exist in the condition of non load-bearing arch, arch disapper after load. At this time due to the activity of the joint is still exists, called hone flat or flexible flatfoot. If there is a joint disease, limited activity, deformity can’t reset, is called a rigid flat feet.

2。 Flat feet can be congenital, also can be acquired. Children often arches formed in 4 ~ 6 years old, most of the children and adolescents is congenital flat feet. Adult flatfoot children can be a continuation of flat feet, secondary cause may also be other reasons, led to arch collapse. Symptomatic adults secondary flat feet, called adult acquired flatfoot symptoms. Secondary arch collapse caused by many reasons such as joint degeneration, trauma, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, neurological disease, tumor, posterior tibial tendon function not congruent. This ill main auxiliary examination method is X-ray, X-ray examination should be taken full load conditions are lateral X ray film, mainly in the slice measuring the Angle of the arch foot side change.