Adults how to rectify the horoscope, through cultivate elegant posture?

if you walk out of eight adults, are generally unstable since childhood to walk and get into the habit of the toe out, although it is very common, but is not very good, had a great influence for the appearance of the adults. Adults are aware of the seriousness of the toe out time may be very regret, here small make up to introduce the cause that causes outside of eight and harm, as well as the method of correction.

the cause that causes outside of eight

a, genetic factors. Parents have a party is inside or outside splayfoot, gave birth to the child are likely to be one of them.

2, the power of the leg and ankle. In the sprint, this kind of phenomenon is especially apparent, some classmates to run fast, just try very hard to push after, two feet to inward or out involuntarily.

three run/walk, don’t have the correct posture.

4, the influence of living environment.

five, the students who participated in the dance skill training, there are toe out.

6, the reasons for the formation of trials and toddlers when talking about since young children. Some mothers will take walk in the morning and evening to measure baby’s smart or not, so he is eager to let the baby learning to walk. Because the baby’s body at the development stage, foot strength is insufficient, toddlers and stand feet naturally separately, make the foot area widened to increase efforts to prevent falling, the result is feet separated natural posture.

7, let the baby to wear during the toddler hard leather shoes is not scientific. Due to the pediatric foot bone soft, flesh strength is weak, leather shoes is hard and heavy, baby have a feeling with a fixed shoes, over time, it distorts the gait. Remind mothers, toddler stage, wear cloth shoes is the best choice.

eight, because the baby body calcium, calcium components of the bone itself is low, coupled with walking and standing for bone pressure, easy to make the bilateral iliac joint, the phenomenon of the outward points, form a toe out. So, the mother should pay attention to, don’t let the noise of calcium toddler baby early, timely supply children sufficient food containing rich protein, calcium and vitamin D, how to go outdoors in the sun helps the absorption of calcium, prevent rickets.

what harm outside of eight

first, form a toe out there are many reasons, some people is because of the bad living environment, also some people because of bone to be short of calcium, or bad cause, if it is caused by several reasons for this toe out, then people will eliminate these factors, the human body lack calcium and bone dysplasia are in need of treatment.

toe out and kyphosis, bow, bow, are bad walk, these will affect the beauty of the individual, the impression is not good to others, if you are in work, and make friends will hinder, mental outlook good people get a good job of risk is bigger.

but if long-term toe out people’s physical health will be affected, toe out of adults for a long time after knee to offshoring, legs become X leg will appear, this time there will be a knee pain, will also accelerate the degradation of human body joint. In Chinese medicine Angle, toe out gait can also cause kidney, spleen, liver, poor blood flow, brain blood supply.

how to rectify the transition gait

the first type: ‘

behavioral essentials: lie on your back on the bed, knees hip flexion, first turn slowly to the left side of the pelvis, at the same time will be pulled to the right shoulder rotation. Body back straight, and then slowly to the right pelvis rotation, shoulder to the left side of the rotating at the same time. Repeat 3 ~ 5 times. The second type:

step method

behavioral essentials: standing, two feet with shoulder width apart. Left tiptoe toward the front fixed first, then right foot stepped forward and backward 20 ~ 30 times repeatedly, also keep your toes forward. Then, in his right foot fixed, the left foot stepped forward and backward 20 ~ 30 times over and over again.

the third type: carry sufficient method

behavioral essentials: sitting on chair, both hands naturally put on the thigh, feet flat on the floor, toe towards the medial rotation, and then raise the heel, maintain 5 ~ 10 seconds, repeat 3 ~ 5 times.

4: grip method

behavioral essentials: continue to sit on a chair, feet flat on the floor, also then toe of the foot joints repeat grip movement 20 ~ 30 times. Can also be put in first step with towel, then grabbed a towel on toes 20 ~ 30 times.

the fifth type: the straight-line method

behavioral essentials: two straight lines in the picture on the ground, the distance between the two lines for a horizontal punch, require heel and toe on each of the straight line, from small to large, from slow to fast, walk straight for three minutes.

type 6: clip calligraphy

behavioral essentials: standing, straight bipod and approach, and then put a book in between my legs. Legs clamping force knees, make the book clamp, lasts for 5 ~ 10 minutes.