Away from the flat feet, wear the correct shoes will keep the children healthy growth

is getting closer and closer to the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year is the most happy thing for children, no school, a New Year’s money, have new clothes, new shoes. Hard work, of course, a year of BaBa hemp, in the New Year. You can also relax! ! ! Childhood is lively disorderly jump, naughty naughty age, foot bone is not mature, it is easy to children’s foot problems.

as child often walk pain, consider your child is suffering from severe flat feet. Because of the lack of arch to alleviate the pressure of walking in, also cannot reduce the gravity of the plantar nerve compression, the main reason is to walk the pain. Walk pain for children, parents need to consider whether to configure the correct shoes.

according to the statistics, during adolescence, will appear more or less flat feet, below small make up recommend what is flat feet?

1, flat feet, at an early stage, the appearance of the arch is not unusual, but after walking fatigue, feel foot fatigue and pain, leg of the lateral ankle pain, foot swelling in the central and the instep, scaphoid nodules obvious swelling and tenderness. The topical skin redness, foot activity varus slightly limited. When standing, the foot is flat, the foot is valgus, signs and symptoms will disappear after the break.

2, spastic flat feet, usually occurs in young people, part of the reason is improper position flat foot treatment, pain, serious when standing or walking, mainly can be characterized by eight foot gait, long peroneal muscle tonus, varus and restricted outreach. Heel width, a foot evaginate, Achilles tendon outward tilt, forefoot outreach, navicular bone nodules and completely collapse inward. In serious cases, the foot is stiff, fixed position in valgus, outreach, and extend, activity significantly restricted, even after a long period of time to rest, symptoms is difficult to improve, some patients may be secondary to lower back pain and hip and knee pain.

3, heel width, a foot evaginate, Achilles tendon outward deflection, forefoot navicular bone nodules and completely collapse inward. In serious cases, the foot is stiff. Fixed position in valgus, outreach and back stretch limited activities significantly, even after a long time, rest symptoms can also be difficult to improve, some patients may be secondary to low back pain and hip knee pain.

custom correct shoes help flat feet?

select correct shoes or customizing corrective insoles is a skilled job, ‘he is different from general children’s shoes or ordinary shoes, it need to customize. Because everyone’s problem is not the same, so parents take children to the best measure of formal institutions, according to the child’s foot type and degree of targeted customization. Such as correct shoes custom-made center will have large instrument, through 3 d scanning, gait tracking and other professional assessment of the child’s foot, the professional division will be according to the instrument measure the correction of outer data, arch flat level data, and so on, the reasonable corrective insoles customized advice.

because everyone’s foot development situation is different, so the correct insoles is need to customize. Custom corrective insoles by changing the foot touches the ground of the high and low, biological forces to readjust the foot line, make its vertical, reduce walk. caused by incorrect knee joint and muscle and wear phenomenon. Correct shoes custom-made center according to the degree of flat foot, foot soft tissue thickness, followed by a downward slope, arch design different range retainer, followed by a socket spanner design VWXYZ5 corrective insoles, can the centralizer ankle, adjusting force line of lower limb, ease children Louis tired. The brand through a series of design, different foot with correction of teenagers joint requirements, in both functional and at the same time, try to be comfortable.

so parents must take care of the child’s foot wear shoes with correct in time, don’t wait to grow up to finalize the design the thinking to solve the problem of the foot, so will miss foot golden period of correction.