Baby appear sufficient evaginate to do? Can you correct

children sufficient evaginate and eversion back stretch, is one of the common foot deformity. Causes some people thought to be caused by pretibial muscle tension, ankle passive correction can restore to the neutral position when 90 & deg; 。 Others think that due to compression of the fetus intrauterine cause sufficient evaginate, not pretibial muscle strain.

if it is two years old baby commonly appear the phenomenon of sufficient evaginate, can be through a certain way to correct.

sufficient evaginate correction:

the tibialis anterior muscle strengthening our first.

is the tibialis anterior muscle can foot dorsiflexion, varus muscles, at the same time can also support arches.

we can do a resistance tibialis anterior muscle of foot dorsiflexion to strengthen our, but the muscles of the foot dorsiflexion and toe the tibialis anterior muscle in addition to the long extensor, thumb extensor long, the function of both of them is: foot dorsiflexion and toes.

in practice, in order to circumvent the toe extensor and thumb long extensor, we let the foot dorsiflexion again after slight varus!

we do rehabilitation training, let the victim with the greatest force for resistance strephenopodia and dorsiflexion, then keep 10 seconds, do five to eight times, repeat two groups, this time let done the tibialis anterior muscle after she stepped on the ground, he will find, I rose with arch.

the second movement is improved after tibial muscle group.

here including the tibia muscle, toe flexors and long long hallux flexor.

we want to know, long toe flexors, long hallux flexor, after tibial muscle function is to put our feet first produce a plantar slum is stretched on tiptoe, then produce a strephenopodia is arch itself. So we strengthened, it is not to let the instep hook up, but let him put the instep leap first, and then produce a arch took an action,

with group, under the action of maintaining a set of ten seconds, and then to five to eight groups of reinforced, in the same way, after the reinforcement, let it next walk, I will find arch also rose.

the third practice action called short foot movement, in the English language is called shoot fit.

has just said, we in addition to, the tibialis anterior muscle after tibial muscle group, there are a group of muscles is our foot these little muscle groups, to maintain our arch of the foot is also very important.

he was said to exercise, often to use some towels scratch, actually this is some misunderstanding, because when we catch a towel, we found that the buckle is in our toes, in fact we know when our feet in the shoes of our toes is flat, is not to be able to button up, if we put the foot on the shoe, our toes are buckle up, then formed a mallet toes or claw toe, that this is a not too good a toe shape.