Baby heels out don’t be afraid, first choice correct shoes

sufficient evaginate also called equinus, is a kind of developmental malformation, can be found when the child is born. Sufficient evaginate is in the process of development due to the foot of tendon and ligament growth failure, failure to hamstring tendon development in sync with other foot, the consequences are these tendons and ligaments inside of the foot back, pull down to cause feet downward turn inward. Methods correction or other corrective measures to rectify to return to normal, serious surgery can be performed. Your child symptoms is not too serious. Can acupuncture massage or wear corrective to correct shoes.

corrective shoe insoles and correction is how to play

with the high rectify correct shoes and insoles, for example, it is specifically for serious flat feet under the age of 14, after sufficient evaginate, slightly pointed foot, X leg children shoes and insoles. The correct shoes all package design: use of ankle joint on both sides of the heel cup, add hard fixtures, upper heightening, will foot structure of the whole package, which increases the stability and control, further the centralizer ankle, to help control the knees of the force line, effectively controlled after sufficient evaginate amplitude; And corrective insoles can according to the degree of flat arches, a foot soft tissue thickness gives the most close to the required volume and orthodontic force, can the centralizer ankle, adjusting force line of lower limbs.

when children wear high rectify correct shoes and insoles, can effectively adjust the walking foot bone structure, the direction of the muscle activity and biological force line, control the movement of the ankle joint and maintain its stability, so as to achieve the fixed strain, stress and joint probability, the gait returns to normal, more robust.

corrective insoles choose small tips

select correct insoles insoles and general children different, parents should carefully distinguish. In addition to the right size, the choice of the correct insoles also according to the child’s foot flat amplitude and followed by tilt to match. Professional corrective shoes will give the child before parents give their children a detailed inspection, such as correct shoes and custom insoles center, its each store will have large professional 3 d measuring instrument, through 3 d data transmission, accurate measurement of foot, based on the measured data at the same time compared with large database, and to correct custom insoles. In addition to a professional equipment and personnel, can also according to the configuration, undertake personalized adjustment, let each pair of correct shoes to be able to adapt to the needs of different children.