Baby’s leg length need to correct as soon as possible

Baby leg length is need to rectify as soon as possible, this is will affect the learning to walk in the future, even has the search deformity makes the shape of the foot, the most common are likely to appear O leg, or X leg, whatever the change is the shape the legs, after said in the beginning so you need to give your baby to correct.

1。 Wear correct shoes rectification: vertical line correction of heaven and earth special shoes. The correct shoe soles for type O leg each sole lateral thicker, for X leg inside each sole thicker. According to the individual to varying degrees of deformed legs, sole, the thickness of the inner and outer should also be different. But just when he began to wear shoes with correct thickness can be slightly smaller, and then gradually according to the requirements of corrective increase in thickness. Wear shoes with correct when standing and walking you must see to it that the whole foot sole contact, the torso and legs must try to keep upright. In addition, to avoid long time carry a variety of heavy objects. 2. Try to change bad foot when walking: in general, X leg more people walk outside a figure eight, o-type leg people walk more in eight, so correction combined with empty shoe should be pay attention to change the bad foot when walking. 3. Leg length correction special custom-made shoes: shoes, brand correction can be made especially according to the length of the leg, internal height by improving the shoes design to balance the length of the legs, to improve foot wrong force, improve the length of 4 legs. Correct gymnastics O leg correct gymnastics particular way is: an object between his knees, after next crouching to stand up, to keep the object sticktite. If you do this 9 times ( Group 1) , a total of 7 9 groups. Leg, two feet parallel par slightly wide, crouch after knees buckle, hands from both sides at the same time to the internal pressure crus, insist on 6 ~ 9 seconds, and then stood up to relax. If you do this nine times. To the lateral crus flat to play, like with the outside of foot kick blanket, part 1 time, leg kick flat as far as possible, even playing 81 times. If you can kick the shuttlecock or small sandbags effect is better. Brace after sitting in a chair, two arms, clamping and ankle into the soft material, foot followed, clamping soft material with heel with legs forward as far as possible, keep the soft sticktite, pause 4 ~ 5 seconds, then relax. Do nine consecutive ( Group 1) , a total of 3 groups. Between objects to thicker, and then gradually thinning.