Bao mother see come over, to grasp these points to prevent the baby flat feet

For mom very much treasure, if their children have flat feet is a very headache problem, although flat feet are common, but not only affect beautiful and walk for a long time also can be easily tired, serious word may cause foot deformation, actually flat feet can be prevented completely, clever treasure mom quickly see come over!

how to prevent the baby flat feet: 1, choose the right shoes: a baby arrived after about 3 years old, the shoes is in commonly 3 ~ 5 months should be replaced. Avoid baby shoes for small and flat feet. 2, the baby to have a balanced nutrition, reasonable diet is the key to avoid the baby is too fat, lest cause flat feet. 3, don’t early to practice walking: baby in arch has not yet been well under the condition of formation, try not to let the baby practice walking prematurely, because the baby’s body weight in the feet, easy to make arch under the heavy burden and gradually lead to flat feet. 4 for the baby, don’t commonly used hot water very hot feet: mom and dad don’t commonly used hot water wash feet for baby or very hot feet, because the baby plantar ligaments will become loose when it is heated, the formation and maintenance of adverse arch development. The doctor made statistics, the incidence of flatfoot is proportional to the baby’s weight. Because the baby is in growth stage, hands and feet of the fastest growth. And fat baby foot flesh is more, if the shoe is small, the meat together, after a long time may induce flat feet. Flat feet treatment of childhood diseases: to observe the follow-up: no obvious discomfort, the vast majority of patients with flat feet and only to 7 – children arch 10 years old was not completely mature, thus asymptomatic flat feet without treatment, can be correct through exercise. Orthopedic shoe or orthopedic insoles: for a flexible flat feet with pain, you can use the orthopedic shoe or orthopedic insoles. The purpose of use of orthopedic shoes or insoles mainly is to improve the patient’s comfort level, but suggest to this professional custom center for scientific custom to have effect. A plaster cast: used in the treatment of rigid flat feet, brake, main purpose is to reduce pain, rather than the orthopaedic. 4 – tube type cast immobilization of lower limbs Six weeks, and can be used repeatedly. Surgical treatment: to relieve pain, for the purpose of the cause dysfunction but postoperative plantar foot varus and valgus movement function will be lost. Above is small make up for the treasure mom flat feet, organize the prevention and treatment of children don’t know to treasure the mother is there any help? Especially the children to walk, treasure the mother must pay attention to the child’s walk. if there is a problem, early found early treatment, science can have the effect to rectify the oh.