Can Ideastep Insoles provide anti fatigue insoles installation video?

Of course. If you prefer the anti fatigue insoles installation steps explained in the form of a video, Xiamen KON Technology Co., Ltd. would love to shoot an HD video to give installation guidance. In the video, our engineers will firstly introduce every part of the product and tell the formal name, which enables you to have a better understanding of every step. The explanation on the product disassembly and installation procedures are necessarily involved in the video. By watching our video, you can know the installation steps in an easier way.

Ideastep Insoles boasts rich experience in designing and manufacturing hiking shoe insoles. We have been extensively accepted in the manufacturing industry. skateboard insoles produced by Ideastep Insoles is very popular in the market. The design of Ideastep skateboard insoles is an integration of some necessary elements. They are color matching, texture, lines, pattern silhouette, shape, etc. The trimming lines can be printed on the toe of the product based on needs. The product is highly resistant to corrosion. Chemical acids, strong cleaning fluids or hydrochloric compounds used can hardly affect its property. It is highly praised by famous brands such as FILA and New Balance.

We will continue to serve our customers with a high degree of professionalism, maintaining and controlling all stages of the manufacturing process in accordance with China’s cost and capability advantages while maintaining high-quality standards. Welcome to visit our factory!