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Sufficient evaginate is divided into two kinds, one kind is congenital sufficient evaginate, can be observed after birth, taken X-ray films will be shown abnormal position of the talus, called vertical talus. Vertical talus general symptom is very serious, most need after surgical treatment, after treatment for orthopedic shoes or other rehabilitation therapy, generally larger residual deformities after treatment. Another is common, is the result of arch collapse after the children with sufficient evaginate, appear in the children start to learn in standing and walking, general – in 10 months 1 one full year of life. According to the literature statistics, because of the weight when sufficient evaginate children about one 7 of the number of children around the country, are numerous. Two kinds of ectropion correction method is completely different. For vertical talus, most need to do surgery after birth, but is a rare case of vertical talus. After the latter, that is, the load of sufficient evaginate, some hospitals with plaster fixation to treat. But the eversion occurred after the load, and a plaster cast generally in the weight, so a plaster cast is completely useless. Parents can observe the child’s foot, child out only in the load-bearing performance, when sleeping or not load is completely normal, so, correction and must be protected when load and support. Relax completely normal. This type of ectropion correction only need to wear when load orthopedic shoes, keep the heel shaft in a neutral position, at the same time will collapse in arch of the foot pad, adhere to a few years, there will be a very significant improvement. We often hear from parents asking, only wear arch pad line not line? First of all, hard insoles, the premise is to take type of customized according to the child’s foot, wear in ordinary shoes can keep not shift subsidence deformation. Second, the soft insoles can also, but must be used in orthopedic shoes. In ordinary soft insoles shoes inside was soon stamped on falling down, at the same time because of bad rigidity moved quickly, so the position of the arch to the position of the child’s foot does not conform to, not only can not meet the corrective effect, still will have negative influence. At last, the finished product, had better use don’t orthopedic insoles, each child’s evaginate degree is different, the position of the arch, forms are different, can imagine, general eversion severe children with boat from joint subluxation or dislocation, so should have pallet where scaphoid now became a wedge or calcaneal bone, not the reaction? Need to remind parents is at the same time, some doctors tell parents need not tube outer, said when I grow up, this is completely irresponsible. We so many years of scientific research and clinical work, foot outside over early corrective effect is better, because the child’s weight is increasing, weight should grow? With the increase of load, the foot bones carry the load, the greater the outer deformation is more and more intensified, and the deformation of speed will be faster and faster. Don’t make any correction before more than 5 years old, so totally back to normal arch of the foot shape is quite difficult. Again big is too late. Some doctors said orthopedic shoes development will limit the child’s foot, so, it is based on the basis of never change look at problems. Correct shoes must foot as children grow up in a timely manner to replace, arch mat also need to order regularly at the same time, in order to ensure children in the growth process of the Chinese and foreign properly control and correction. Finally a parent is concerned about is sufficient evaginate exactly when can good. Very responsibly say, ectropion correction needs to insist on for many years, because the child development and formation of arches is throughout the entire development. Sufficient evaginate is mainly due to the foot ligament relaxation, to pull the foot bones, the arch collapse caused by scaphoid. Sufficient evaginate most of children are accompanied by systemic ligamentous laxity, like fingers to bend to the back of hand, too much knee can back, too much of these are the ligament is flabby, has great relationship with heredity. 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