Cause of newborn babies suffer from the four factors of sufficient evaginate cerebral palsy

there are a lot of children with cerebral palsy in the early days of sufficient evaginate occurs, often ignore the existence of the disease and thus missed the best treatment for sufficient evaginate timing recovery, but also intensifies the formation of sufficient evaginate, seriously affect the children with knees, hips, trunk, the form and function of the whole. As a parent must be alert to trigger a sufficient evaginate the causes of cerebral palsy, early detection, early treatment.

according to valid data statistics, about 45% of newborn children with cerebral palsy patients with sufficient evaginate symptoms occur, expert introduction, cerebral palsy patients with limb muscle tension increased, often opisthotonos shaped. May be accompanied by nuclear on pseudobulbar palsy, swallowing and dysarthria, about half of children with epilepsy and mental retardation. But so many parents don’t know the cause of cerebral palsy sufficient evaginate, not from the cause of treatment, the treatment effect is hard to meet. As a parent must be alert to trigger a sufficient evaginate the causes of cerebral palsy, early detection, early treatment.

so, under the below small make up to introduce the four factors of cerebral palsy sufficient evaginate?

1, gestational factors

such as infection, physical and chemical factors during pregnancy, prenatal ischemia anoxia, and maternal nutrition disorder, can affect the fetus, resulting in sufficient evaginate of cerebral palsy, generally speaking, the fetal brain development in three or four months before pregnancy, if during the period of the damage, than the late pregnancy, residual lesion degree, not only serious but also wide range, such as early pregnancy, pregnant women suffering from influenza, virus infection, can be spread to the fetal brain tissue, so easy to cause the baby sufficient evaginate cerebral palsy.

2, labor factor

sufficient evaginate of cerebral palsy and labor factors, in general, preterm birth, dystocia, low weight births, and fetal abnormalities, is the most important risk factor for sufficient evaginate cerebral palsy. In addition, suffocation, amniotic membrane inflammation, abnormal position, and the cord is too short, also easy to cause disease with cerebral palsy. 3, after the birth of factors. Cerebral palsy, after the occurrence of diseases and birth is closely related to many factors, such as neonatal convulsion, and a variety of infant disease, it is easy to cause disease with cerebral palsy, as parents must be alert to the cause.

3, leverage disease

cerebral palsy joint deformities, walk cycle support phase, to fight the ground reaction force and crossing joints of the original dynamic torque distortion, body in order to promote the stability of based on pathological limb, muscle contraction need to deviate from the fulcrum to adjust. Lever arm core of twisted torque is insufficiency, the need to combat support phase when the ground reaction force multiplier; And moment of abnormal proximal hip and knee, potential impact on the foot, ankle moment of change.

4, short myopathy

cerebral palsy limb disablement is rooted in central nervous system damage, limb muscle disorders, capability of motion control spasm or recognized across subtalar joint contracture of peroneal muscle and weak in the posterior tibial muscle is the main cause of performance after sufficient evaginate. Nerve skeletal muscle pathological and physiological process research, the spastic cerebral palsy ( 【 spastic cerebral palsy Translation 】 : the brain paralysis, it is to point to by immature brain dysplasia, under the action of a variety of reasons and the progressive damage caused by the disorder movement and posture. ) Longitudinal activities to skeletal muscle properties changed. Under physiological load, the growth and development of normal muscle can undertake corresponding rules to relax and stretch, and children with spastic cerebral palsy of skeletal muscle cannot relax and stretch, balance around the joint and weak ( Or) The lack of.

expert clew: pediatric cerebral palsy is due before, after or during infancy, birth control movement part of the brain tissue damage, cause muscle control disorders caused by body movement difficulty and the difficult position. Pediatric cerebral palsy once after diagnosis, medical institutions should carry out rehabilitation training as early as possible.