Cerebral palsy concurrent horseshoe varus foot training tips

the horseshoe varus foot is one of the most common birth defects, one of its formation is mainly due to the foot muscle imbalance. The horseshoe varus foot is infantile cerebral palsy is common complication.

we usually take children for this type of correction technique of traditional Chinese medicine and rehabilitation training treatment, especially in the rehabilitation training this link is particularly important, so how to proceed with rehabilitation training?


1, the children will take supine

2. The trainer also can use both hands respectively with lift on two arms too

3, will be about two arms crossed, thus promote children turned on both sides of the body to the side.


1, let the children take supine

2. The trainer with the two flesh

3, turn to the left, right leg bent twist to the left in the

4, and at the same time made its head to the left side of the rotating

function: training the arms were coordinated.


1, let the children take supine

2. The trainer with the two flesh

3, let the children turn to the left, make the child right leg buckling

4, middle line across the left leg, make the left arm buckling

5, and made his head leaning slowly make children body as the ball rolling to complete the turn over movement.


1, let the child lying on the slant wedge

2, cant will help the children with the rotation of the body most of the children through the above technique training, massage, and the necessary control measures, normal foot shape can be obtained. In addition, also must do symptomatic treatment to cerebral palsy.