Children correct shoes ‘treatment’ thanks to early know flat feet have method

after 4 years old, thick body fat gradually disappear and foot muscles start to grow and develop, generally arches will gradually appear. But also some people, in the era of the foot GongXing into, foot muscle stiffness, appear too loose or is likely to line into serious flat feet, after sufficient evaginate, high arches of the foot. Small make up to introduce children under correct shoes for flat feet do you have any help? Flat feet what is the harm to human body

the dangers of flat feet

1, flat feet, often leads to teenage children appear inflammation of the foot, if not immediate treatment, the patient’s paw, Achilles tendon, appears at the knee inflammation, in severe cases can appear even lower back pain and neck pain and other symptoms, for their own health, patients should be treated actively.

2, flat feet easily causing heel injury patients, for patients with flat feet to walk into the horoscope, toes, heel the outside and inside of the soles, could easily lead to wear and tear, cause harm to my feet.

3, flat feet at the same time the patient is not able to walk for a long period of time and movement, if for a long time to walk and activities too, can lead to their foot soft tissue injury, at the same time, patients with joint forces also can appear serious pain, improper for this patient should be proactive about their illness.

4, flat feet, patients will be harm to the normal growth and development of the spine, the collapse of the root cause is the sole of his foot, endangering the foot force, walk usually cause one’s own body subjected to certain hazards, for a long time is past will endanger patient’s pelvis, and lead to the legs and pelvis gradually deflection, thereby endangering the coccyx down, cause spinal scoliosis.

every serious disease patients have their own, the pain of the difficult words. As is known to all, arch foot has a half moon shape sag, patients with flat feet arches, foot in patients with severe injury, standing or walking for a long time can cause inflammation, patients can’t neglect the county.

the relevant person in charge of orthopedic shoe, said some parents worry about children, foot problems once suspected that is correct shoes and custom insoles center inspection, in fact, many children some foot problems are in the development of normal phenomenon, need not rush to give children shoes fitting correction.

flat feet refers to the arch while standing on the low side or foot shape of subsidence, usually accompanied by sufficient evaginate, after foot fatigue and pain, such as early intervention, often to increase the lead to adult plantar fasciitis thumb hallux valgus, spurs, heel pain, low back pain and even the chance of foot disease symptoms such as degenerative arthritis. , although need not worry too much about, but also nots allow to ignore to flat feet foot problems.

wonder child foot flat, we can together to do a simple test. Let the baby foot wet, look for a dry floor or newspaper, trample up with normal force, observe the footprints: normal foot watermark was half without watermark foot, if the watermark with the whole foot, could be flat feet and even serious flat feet, the parents should take note.

the relevant person in charge of orthopedic shoe that if children foot muscles appear too slack or stiff, leg pain, Louis symptoms such as fatigue, may be formed after serious flat feet, foot evaginate, high arches of the foot, affect children’s gait and daily life activities. At this point, it is recommended that parents take children to the correct shoes and custom insoles insoles center professional foot checks, children choose appropriate corrective shoes insole or correction.

wear corrective shoes insoles and correction can adjust a foot line to the normal biological force, reduce the arch flat to the pull of local muscle and soft tissue, so as to strengthen the muscles used efficiency, and reduce the strain caused by chance. It is understood that the center of the correct shoes and custom insoles 5 followed by locking corrective insoles, showed that different degree of foot flat, a foot soft tissue thickness to achieve the required support and give corrective force, the amplitude of the design is not the same heel Angle, arch retainer, followed by a nest of V, X, Y, Z, W and other five kinds of insoles, can the centralizer ankle, adjusting force line of lower limbs. Not only need to wear corrective shoe insoles, and correct the children to do the corresponding calf strengthening exercises, while weight from foot to foot, fully exercise the muscle, to promote the healthy growth of the foot.