Children equinus varus, such doing is valid!

Children equinus varus divided into congenital malformations and acquired in two, is one of the most common congenital malformation. Equinus can occur in single or double foot, imbalance formed mainly due to the foot muscle strength, muscle imbalances for the formation of joint deformity, on the basis of deformed load cause deformities is more serious.

how to determine whether patients with equinus varus? Observing patients in standing and walking foot shape, see if the patient standing to toe, and so on with impending, shaped like a horseshoe, when you walk in the foot toe not flattering, swim often play ground, toe first and then the foot to follow. Check to see the front of the foot plantar flexion, often merge concave, shortening of the Achilles tendon, the foot can’t dorsiflexion, this is the equinus. Equinus in newborns is the most common bone deformity, the incidence is 1/1000. The causes of equinus is unclear, the biggest confusion could be genetic. About 1/30 of that second child equinus chance. Equinus not embryonic malformation by normal foot into equinus, 4 – generally occurs during pregnancy During June. Rarely seen ultrasound fetus have equinus 16 weeks ago. So, like the congenital hip dysplasia, congenital scoliosis, is a kind of developmental equinus deformity. So equinus varus should how to treat? Actually need deformity and to develop different treatments in the age of patients, young children can pass, massage, a plaster cast, repeatedly replacement orthopaedic gypsum, correcting deformity. If miss the non-surgical orthopaedic time children can line of extensive soft tissue release, Achilles tendon YanChangShu, offshoring pretibial muscle. If by soft tissue surgery can’t correct deformities. Requires external fixator, foot cut bone orthopedics, ankle arthrodesis, correcting deformity. The treatment of congenital horseshoe varus foot principle, give priority to in order to correct deformities, early deformity correction, foot function can be restored. When necessary, can consider to use correct shoes for correction of science, but it’s important to note that must go formal corrective shoes center science and custom, don’t buy at random!