Children foot problems, parents pay more attention to wear shoes with correct early intervention in time

According to a recent according to relevant data, with the development of arch improvement, but still about 25% of children have low arches, flat feet, that is, it is often said, it is understood that children have flat feet, daily performance is often call foot tired feet uncomfortable pain, is not willing to do more exercise, walking to sprain, etc. Usually 4 – Children under the age of 13 as foot development is not perfect, more likely to develop foot problems. Children than adults, there is no relatively stable condition of the body, bones, and nervous system in puberty, a little slack may develop bad habits. So, no wonder many son eager mothers behave too nervous, after all, once some things do not good, the result is to affect a child’s life. However there are also careful parents found the child arch anomaly will be below the doctor’s advice after buy a pair of correct shoes for children, but also has a lot of parents don’t know how to choose appropriate corrective pair of shoes, and sums up for mothers several professional choice correct shoes method. In addition to material security, protection performance is good, the corrective effect is the basic level, correction of really good shoes, but also has more characteristics. 1, appearance: excellent correct the appearance of the shoes also has a pair of fashion shoes, make children fondle admiringly at the same time, also won’t like hospital orthopedic shoe, strange eyes attract others, harm the child heart. 2, feedback: the correct shoes should reflect the status of the foot, let corrected visible effect of the function, such as the abrasion of the sole to analyze the correct schedule Thomas bottoms. 3, performance: dynamic performance also cannot be ignored, although correct shoes can’t instead of sneakers, but let is also important to walk more relaxed, not tired feet a plus. In today’s correction scheme, correct shoes with correct training has developed to a mature. Correction and shoes can make correct training effect of get twice the result with half the effort, and the increasingly accumulated, to avoid the training again after a period of time back to prototype, and greatly shortens the corrective period. Thanks to correct shoes of human body engineering design at the same time, in the development of children can rapidly form a good habit, adjust the body posture gait to health and vigor level, both for mental, physical, learning, temperament, behavior there will be a big help. Ask a health smart baby, who do not love?