Children should be how to choose correct shoes? The answer is here!

Children learning to walk is easy to appear inside and outside of eight and flat feet, foot problems, because children grow in the process of foot development is still not perfect, so full of problems is very common, through daily exercise and correct shoes can correct rehabilitation, so parents don’t have to worry too much about.

children a good pair of shoes is often a retainer mat arches and hardened heel cup, mainly to prevent growth in the process of the abnormal phenomenon such as flat feet or after sufficient evaginate. Rectify the function of shoes is different, after flat feet and sufficient evaginate, or the hallux valgus and other phenomena occur, and worse under the condition of use. To correct shoes, for example, it will be in accordance with the actual conditions of a patient tailored corrective shoes, ankle orthopaedic doctor according to the patient’s diagnosis, symptoms, signs and foot auxiliary examination results, with the demand of clinical treatment, after the comprehensive analysis to design personalized orthopaedic prescription. Orthopaedic prescription to possess a global concept, establish, mid, and long-term orthopaedic treatment goals recently, cooperate with the clinical treatment and rehabilitation. Personalized orthopedic shoes the digital model based on foot, according to the orthopaedic doctor orthopaedic prescription, using professional software to orthopedic shoes and orthopedic insole design, make personalized orthopedic shoes mold and accessories, 3 d printing orthopedic insoles, final assembly and into. Suitable for all kinds of foot disease patients, for patients with better targeted, highly targeted and better correction function. Second, correct shoes can help ease the problem children serious flat feet, such as suits under the age of 14, have flat feet, high arches of children help correct shoes, under the age of 14 have serious flat feet, after sufficient evaginate, slightly pointed foot, high X leg children help correct shoes, as well as the serious flat feet, high arches, after sufficient evaginate people use corrective slippers at home. At the same time, the children of different foot shape is divided into five categories, and research and development design 5 followed by locking corrective insoles, suitable for most of the children with serious foot problems. Finally remind parents, even if the children don’t like to wear too forced, so as to let children produce rebellious attitude. Process if the shoe last contact with foot position happen, to suspend a foot division correction and timely contact. At the same time in the correct process to guide the children, so as to let the children happy to wear shoes with correct, so that the foot problems to improve.