Children strephenopodia, eight treatments, correction don’t miss the best age

child strephenopodia, inside of eight? Adhere to these treatments, correction don’t miss the best age!

child foot problems, and prove some muscle or ligament imbalance or not play a role, whether strephenopodia, within eight or other problems, is the external performance of a variety of factors, so many symptoms appear at the same time or each other complications, such as strephenopodia big chance there will be eight words, to be associated with flat feet, flat feet, and so on.

want to correct, will be fundamentally: changing the wrong muscles habit, restore the function of each part, strengthen feet since the correction ability, at the same time of correction can also establish a natural defense.

for strephenopodia, or to exercise the main recommendations:

1, with a low outside high plate mat under their feet, make feet inside fully contact with the ground, can be on the plate is made, or walking back and forth

2, stood on one leg, can help a little bit about the started, behind the requirement independently

3, legs crouch slightly stand, maintain 5 minutes

4, high leg movement, feet turn attention to do the guarantee, the balance of left and right shoulder, hip and systemic muscle coordination.

5, massage the soles of the feet, be careful not to cause too much pain

6, customizing corrective shoe, can alleviate the pressure of the ligament, muscle self adjustment, locking joints, ankle, prevent dislocation, is the comprehensive effect is the best way to rectify.

if there are eight symptoms in children, can do the following exercise:

let children along the draw well walk straight and to the formation of the toe and heel in a straight line parallel to the ground line

practice crouch a pair of heels can let children together, double tiptoe to the outside, outside the eight squat.

standing against the wall, double heel, double toe outside a figure of eight to the external fixation stand for 10 minutes.

about children strephenopodia, eight treatments, there is a specific need to customize corrective advice when shoes, whether want to develop good habits or the treatment of foot problems, for early action, please don’t miss the best corrective/preventative age!