Children suffering from knee valgus, X leg and affect the appearance of lower levels of appearance

child leg is not straight on medicine is divided into two cases, one is genu varus, is we often say O leg; Another is knock knees, namely X leg. Genu varus and valgus knee can be divided into physiological and pathological, genu varus and valgus knee on the reason of the physiology, from birth to adulthood, double lower limbs is a normal natural change rule.

what X leg is

knee to meet but the heel by rolling, walk two knees collision would happen. The formation of X leg besides genetic and developmental disorders, trauma, cartilage, and the day after tomorrow is usually caused by poor posture.

X leg walk will knock knees, this destruction of the knee joint normal distribution of power, let a lot of pressure on one side of the joint, knee joint pain, long period of time can easily lead to knee arthritis, bone also particularly wasteful pants, because long-term friction and wear pants knee place very quickly.

the induced reasons

1, because the baby calcium, vitamin D deficiency in the body, cause the baby to the bow-legged situation.

2, the baby is at the time of development, not keep up with nutrition will appear this kind of circumstance, as a result of the absorption function of the baby is bad can lead to bone, bone deformation or articular cartilage dysplasia, and appear the change of genu varus, gradually formed O leg.

3, the child stand up early, or too early to let the child sit walkers, incorrect posture, squatting, or adopt knelt wait for posture for a long time, can cause O leg.

how do you decide whether to accept treatment

measurement stand together two knee medial malleolus spacing, the distance between the ankle joint more than 9 cm, need to correct as soon as possible, for more than 15 cm is a heavy knock knees.

baby X leg of note

1, some babies just like standing five months or so, parents can’t stand premature baby baby happen, because they are always standing is not good for your baby’s development.

2, if mother suddenly found my baby have X leg or O leg is the case, don’t panic, to calm and even took baby to a hospital.

3, at ordinary times can do some sports.

knock knees what harm

1, the destruction of the knee joint bearing ability, cause knee valgus knee lesions can cause imbalances muscle power around knee joint, a serious knock knees will also destroy the knee joint bearing force line, make inside the knee, the lateral stress of disequilibrium, knee joint friction increase, of motion are also beginning to limited, the longer it will lead to knee pain and knee arthritis, etc.

2, increase the risk of knee ankle injury knee valgus caused the change of the lines around the knee joint force, thereby significantly increased the risk of knee ankle injury, and knock knees will prompt other compensatory activity for each joint, which could impact systemic structure and function.

3, induced changes sufficient evaginate arch combined with long-term large load change is likely to cause foot arch, cause the failure of arch, or flat feet.

4, affect beautiful, and temperament we know the shortest line between two points, genu valgum patients present a X bent legs, really can affect height.