Children suffering from leg length don’t worry, the cause of the length of the legs and correction method

Scientific name

the length of the leg leg before long, as the name implies, is refers to the human body do not match the length of double lower limbs, resulting in a series of problems related to the abnormal posture. In fact, in addition to some congenital diseases, most of the length of the legs are the same, is known as the length of the legs, because of their relative position in appearance or function asymmetry. To get the right treatment, and helps to distinguish body before long.

structural length of the legs, most are born, or in youth development period, lower limbs had been hurt, but at the time were not properly handled, in adulthood lead to structural change.

this structural change there is no way to improve, through any training can only by changing the thickness of the insoles, to let the body as a whole in balance.

functional length of leg, while the length of the femur and tibia, but because of bad living habits, the day after tomorrow or inappropriate movement way, the sacroiliac joint dislocation, disorder, and the pelvis is not straight ( Roll, askew, knobs, etc. ) Elastic is differ, hip leads to the emergence of functional length of the legs.

the length of the leg of the dangers of

our pelvis is like a flower pot, two legs like a pot of stents. If the length of the two stents, flower POTS must tend to one side.

human body structure is relatively symmetrical.

if lower limb length is differ, pelvis and spine will be affected, cause pelvic rotation, tilt, and rotary twist. Our body posture will produce distortion and skewed, known as compensation. Can have serious scoliosis, thoracic structure so that the viscera. Lower limbs against problems can lead to upper limbs, such as neck pain and so on.

training methods and actions recommended

functional length of the legs can be through fitness training and correction, the body structure of functional asymmetry, frequently and the rigidity of joint function disorder, joint activities are closely related.

ilium and sacrum pelvic structures, if unilateral sacroiliac joint function is relatively large damage, big functional length of the legs may occur. And the root of the problem solving is to activate the whole structure of pelvis and recover the function of the pelvis.

source training action: frogs lay ( Click on the tutorial) Training


1, don’t keep natural breath, breathing practice process;

2, best can in source rehabilitation skill certification under the guidance of the coach;

3, if you feel unwell, tingling in the practice, etc. , please stop practice.