Children with flat feet, correct shoes science tees in here!

children with flat feet, correct shoes science tees in here!

human in normal walking, one foot bear the weight of all body, each step, the foot on a landing Angle to take is equal to the weight of 3 – 4 times, and the arches vital role, it makes reasonable distribution of plantar pressure to elastic, alleviate shock, protect the feet above the joints.

flat feet refers to people in no above arch of the foot while standing. People with flat feet walk prone to foot tired, aching feet, foot inside bone-like swelling and symptoms of abnormal gait, so soldiers in choosing when children refused to people with flat feet.

due to congenital or acquired improper shoes, from bad exercise habits, the foot problems are common in this group of adults. Usually 4 – 13 children are more likely to suffer from foot problems, flat feet is one of the most common type. At this time will need to correct shoes help correct.

correct shoes principle is more effective to help the children in the serious flatfoot righting the heel and ankle, straighten the ankle, knee, hip biological force line, let the child walk reduce joint strain, relieve muscle fatigue and pain caused serious flatfoot complications. But want to correct shoes, major premise is to make a custom correction to the formal institutions insoles, and scientifically.

there are a lot of custom correct shoes on market institutions, even in a treasure to appear on the clothing company, also can have custom insoles. These institutions and on? Price is uneven, some people will choose the institutions to purchase price is low, buy after you come back, and is suitable for their child’s foot?

in selecting qualified orthopedic shoe manufacturers, should choose a few businesses that do this kind of shoes. These institutions have professional equipment, personnel, and big data to support. Like ankle orthopaedic centre is been doing correct shoes custom agency. Owns the advanced full foot 3 d scanning equipment, gait analysis, plantar pressure test system, the individuality of the international leading orthopedic shoes, the design of orthopedic insoles and processing software, with CNC machining center and many sets of series of 3 d printing equipment, to provide patients with professional inspection, testing, design, product production, such as a series of follow-up services, and international synchronized.

search for qualified institutions, will begin to process observation of these professional degrees. Generally, such institutions, when fitting corrective insoles, foot division correction to the child’s foot 3 d scanning, gait tracking and other professional assessment, will also do further assessment based on factors such as height, can be concluded that the parameters of each pair of custom. According to these parameters change, give the child correction configuration for each pair of insoles.

the last is the scientific use of correct shoes. Buy correct shoes or customizing corrective insoles, need over a period of adaptation, can used for the child. Because the correct shoes or corrective insoles and children’s shoes, and children’s shoes on the comfort. So, at the time of beginning to wear, children are not used to, and even rejection. This time, parents should follow the step-by-step method. Short to the child for the first time wearing, maybe 1 hour or 2 hours, and then according to the child to adapt to the situation, to further extend the wearing time, until the child can completely adapt to the correct shoes.