Children with sufficient evaginate what treatment needs to be done

parents consultation:

the baby is fast 5 months, found that the baby is not the same as the right leg left leg, try to let her stand, the left foot always stand on the tiptoe, foot landing, his right foot is normal, left leg is a little thin than the right leg, 6 months and found that sometimes it is hard to bend left hand, like a baby in the control of the vigor, the right hand do not. Please read the son bao expert, said the skeleton is normal, the length of the legs, too, said it was sufficient evaginate.

want to get professional help:

now walk or not, we worry about whether sufficient evaginate caused cerebral palsy, now how should treat? After treatment can return to normal?

what’s the matter with sufficient evaginate

sufficient evaginate is a kind of common symptoms of pediatric cerebral palsy, the performance of the cerebral palsy have sufficient evaginate, but sufficient evaginate disease are not necessarily cerebral palsy, normal children have sufficient evaginate of performance, but does not rule out the possibility of suffering from cerebral palsy disease, this would require the baby’s parents timely to normal hospital check, confirmed as soon as possible to let the heart calm.

sufficient evaginate refers to the abnormal foot shape or structure. Some congenital or disease difficult reason can also cause the foot deformity. In the process of development, due to the foot of tendon and ligament ( The back and deep) Growth failure, failed to keep the foot, in the development of other tendon ligament synchronization, the consequences are these tendons and ligaments after the foot of the medial pull down to cause foot inward turn down. Foot so the bone at the location of the exception. Foot department turn, stiff, and can’t return to normal position.

how sufficient evaginate adjuvant therapy.

technique make the foot drop in, every day, along with the growth of the age under correction can be gradually returned to normal, also can use the lateral ankle pads method, the deformed no matter what method under normal circumstances can be back to normal, in the form of leave sequela.

here are some auxiliary treatment:

1, the day two lower limb inside muscle and the foot massage massage adduction, varus and internal rotation; Twice a day, every time 30 – Under 40. Sleep at night when the two lower extremities tied together, or with a small splint fixation.

2, two sole inside cushion is high.

3, wear orthopedic shoes.

4, gypsum orthopaedic.

5, support orthopaedic.

6, knee joint lateral bone block.

7, osteotomy on the condyle.

8, a step stool walk 10 minutes, two to four times a day.

how children sufficient evaginate can care

1, can complement calcium, vitamin, etc.

2, children appear this kind of circumstance is likely due to calcium deficiency, also could be the result of a bad habit. Can consider when children go to bed with a wide belt tied down or parents hard points by hand to the child’s knee merger hold; So more can grasp the good discretion.

3, try not to let the child sit in the stroller at ordinary times. When children sitting in the stroller, his legs due to bone did not fully developed is generally maintained a knee out of position. Many children have sufficient evaginate, knee valgus were caused by this situation.