Children’s correct shoes has effect on children with cerebral palsy? Detailed anatomy

small make up brush in weibo long time, there is a small video, video of a boy with cerebral palsy, sudden onset of illness, the leg muscle tension, can’t walk normally.

cerebral palsy are usually from infancy, mainly because after birth to was born in the early stages of the damage caused by the brain development is not mature, causing body movement disorders, and even accompanied by such as hearing, vision, intelligence and language barriers.

cerebral palsy according to the illness weight is different, severe symptoms will appear soon after birth, such as sucking difficulties, muscle stiffness, etc. , but most of the patients had been born a few months after the time when family members tried to lift the can find anomaly.

if children suffering from cerebral palsy, then they will face a lot of confusion and difficulties. Have a plenty of through the correct shoes for children’s leg foot to correct.

what is correct shoes

orthopedic shoes ( Correct shoes) Is the correct all kinds of foot deformity, control the further development of the deformed footwear orthoses. Orthopedic shoe uppers, soles, three parts constitute the built-in brace. Common orthopedic shoes mainly has sufficient evaginate orthopaedic, strephenopodia orthopedic shoes, eight in orthopedic shoes, high, ranging from big shoes, cerebral palsy orthopedic shoes, water chestnut varus foot orthopaedic, etc. , mainly with clinical rehabilitation correct use, can maintain and consolidate the effect of surgery and rehabilitation training, to prevent recurrence. Orthopedic shoes need to order quantity foot, according to individual circumstance is prescribed by doctors under orthopedic shoes, by orthopedic technician according to the doctor’s prescription to fetch type production. Orthopedic shoes vary from person to person, different ages, different causes, to varying degrees, the orthopedic shoes design is different. Personalized customized orthopedic shoes is the greatest characteristic of orthopedic shoes. Orthopedic shoes most of the shoes design, because the leather has a good breathable and finalize the design, the orthopedic shoes is preferred material.

corrective shoes whether useful

wear corrective shoes whether have effect? The answer is yes, have a role. Correction principle of shoes need to know, however, it is through external force child body returned to normal. The equivalent of a mold, let the child’s feet to walk as the mold, although you can let the child’s foot normal growth ( Under the action of external force, it seems that malformation is correct) , but also affects the growth of children skeletal muscle, harmful to the child’s physical development in the future. ( To form new deformity, abnormal movement patterns, and even to correct the shoes become dependent) 。

in this case, the need to pass FSPR surgery to remove limb spasm in patients with pediatric cerebral palsy movement bound to lift so that the patient, this is the common used ( Cutting edge) Of a method of treatment of spastic type infantile cerebral palsy, for mild clubfoot the treatment effect is very obvious, basically can restore through training after surgery (like a normal person Can greatly improve the motor ability, improve the abnormal posture, from the bondage of orthopedic shoe) 。 But for patients with severe deformity, also need to orthopaedic surgery.

FSPR whether to need to wear corrective postoperative shoes?

FSPR surgery is the purpose of the lower limb muscle tension, to effectively improve the limb spasm, achieve the effect of rehabilitation training alone cannot achieve, lay the foundation for postoperative rehabilitation training, muscle strength after the operation will be as the muscle tension falls ( A compensatory body lost muscle tension, will feel strength is insufficient) , at this time in order to improve the strength, is the focus of the rehabilitation training, would you like to wear shoes with correct based on the postoperative symptoms to determine & ndash; — Is there a knee hyperextension, whether to have enough inner and outer, whether to have the symptom such as Achilles tendon contracture, but whatever a symptom, must be on the basis of rehabilitation training before deciding whether to wear corrective shoes, not only can improve the muscle strength of lower limbs, and can avoid to cause other abnormal posture.

orthopaedic surgery has let the body shape be corrected, the focus of the postoperative also improve lower extremity muscle strength, after muscle increase, if there is a knee hyperextension ( Obvious deformity) Problem, it is necessary to use fixed orthodontic shoes, prevent the occurrence of abnormal posture.