Children’s flat feet? There are children’s five corrective method of flat feet, it is worth collecting!

a flat feet disease phenomenon in our side is not particularly rare, the occurrence of the disease is given priority to with children especially, flat feet the occurrence of the damage to our health is terrible, so we must seriously rise, actively to treat, so children flatfoot corrective principle is what kind of?

disease associated with flat feet is called flat feet, show the inside of the foot edge pain or heel pain, lack of long journey. The cause may have originated from a muscle spasm, also may be abnormal bone structure. It harm more than pain so simple, can lead to both limited movement, still can cause foot joints and even other ankle, knee and hip joint of a chain reaction, such as inflammation, deformation, etc.

the five principles of children’s corrective method of flat feet

1, the suitable movement can reduce flat feet: the child’s foot to healthy development, sports is very important. Flat feet problem children in recent years about 20% higher than in the 1980 s, the obvious, one of the main reason is children lack of exercise. Children should do some exercise, such as toe movement, toes glass ball movement and bounce rope skipping, playing basketball and other sports, in order to improve the power of the foot muscles and ligaments, promote the development of arch. In addition, parents also want to pay attention to children’s more usual posture, especially with the trials or X leg of children, children like to sit on my hands and knees and w-shaped sit, parents should help them to develop the correct posture, so as to effectively reduce child sequelae caused by foot functional issues.

2, correct choose shoes can prevent flat feet sequela: each stage of the children of foot growth should have different nursing methods. Limb pose experts suggest that parents should choose appropriate health shoes, that the foot is particularly important to the healthy growth. Children wear suitable shoes and insoles, can reduce foot sequela and ligament damage. Health shoes should have the following elements:

1) Have different amplitude arch pad retainer to relieve arch fatigue, preventing flatfoot sequelae;

2) Have hard heel cup, to stabilize the heel bone, the range of the control after sufficient evaginate;

3) Front feet have different degrees of choice, to prevent the ball too loose or too tight, increase the foot comfort;

4) Finalize the design of the bottom design, help stabilize the foot shape, strengthen the supporting force of insoles.

3, according to the different situation to choose warmth retention property good footwear: such as cotton shoes, towels, socks, both warm and comfortable, very suitable for use in children’s wear. And tennis shoes, rubber shoes, leather shoes, heat preservation performance is poor, heat faster, easier to cold feet, it should not be wearing. The size of the shoes and socks to larger, should be a little space between the feet and shoes, and air insulation, increasing warmth retention property.

4, often change and dry shoes and socks, children and active, foot sweat, insoles, shoes inside the best place to moisture absorption perspiration to reduce heat loss, and often change chang sun, to ensure that the shoes dry and warm. Wet footgear rain and snow day, in a timely manner to change.

5, give children with hot water bubble foot every night, every night before sleeping to stick with warm water to wash his feet, and lay down and back cover good feet. Can make the child’s foot to avoid catch cold catch cold, so can prevent colds, and can help children to fall asleep quickly, is of great benefit to improve the quality of sleep also.

the happening of the flat feet can be said to be the damage to our health is terrible, so our usual daily life for flat feet this disease must make corresponding prevention measures.