Children’s flat feet what harm is there? How should prevent children flat feet

children flat feet what harm is there?

flat feet in the growth and development of children, is a kind of common phenomenon in children. Many parents think flat feet is a common phenomenon, there is no harm, so there’s no need to correct, this is wrong. Flatfoot exactly what harm, let’s find out.

flat feet because children form abnormal bone, muscle atrophy, ligament contracture or chronic strain caused by full longitudinal arch collapse or resilient to disappear, also known as flat feet. Flat feet can make children when walking to the lack of protection for feet nerve. Children’s dance, after running, some of difficult movements are affected.

flat feet of children at the time of hiking, it is easy to feel tired. His speed and power than normal children. When he’s walking foot with the ground for a long time, easy to hurt his foot nerve, produce foot paralysis. Long time so easy to affect children’s normal development, grow, and health.

flat feet how to prevent children

flat feet harm not only to let children walk can feel pain, to his later life also has very big effect. Such as children’s interest is like dancing, but because he is flat feet, flat feet dancing, he will be very large. His joints, ankle and other relevant areas are affected. Therefore, prevention of flat feet, from small start.

the first: when I was younger, let children do more exercise, such as running, rope skipping this class, so that children can exercise the leg of flexible, can also improve the power of the foot muscles and ligaments, promote the development of arch.

2: choose the right shoes from is very important for children learning to walk, not straight flat feet can be induced to wear shoes. Third:

a child nutrition must be balanced, taboo picky, mainly due to avoid obese children flat feet.

4: do not have to walk. When children’s feet haven’t development sound, let him learn to walk is a burden. It is children’s leg strength is limited, it is hard to bear the weight of the whole body.

5: rectify the children walking posture, such as the eight, eight, O leg, etc.