Children’s orthopedic shoes have any effect, how to choose the correct shoes for children

The baby into the toddler period, due to the foot release is not completely, often accompanied by the emergence of the problem. Such as inside and outside of eight, sufficient evaginate, flat feet, and so on are foot problems, generally if the situation is not very serious, is completely can be corrected through shoes for intervention treatment, but the correct shoes how should choose to have a role, correction of what brand of shoes is better?

1, science is the key to distinguish a professional institutions or not, depends on whether the instrument professional, professional staff and service is professional. Children’s correct shoes custom center, for example, is the Canadian rock group wholly owned subsidiary, the company adopts the world first-class production equipment and technology, have a professional orthopedic clinical and technology research and development team, is the world’s advanced level in the field of ankle orthopaedic. The center has a large instrument, through 3 d scanning, gait tracking and other professional assessment of the child’s foot, foot proper professional will, according to data instruments measure the valgus foot arch flat level data, and so on, comprehensive height reasonable corrective insoles customized advice is given. 2, correction step by step to fudan university professor, director of the institute of sports medicine and rehabilitation shi-yi Chen said that in the process of the children to grow up, when I was a child of the bad habits, such as w-type posture, a nap affect children foot health growth, lead to flat feet and after sufficient evaginate of foot. Because it is a long-standing effect, so, in the process of correcting foot with need step by step. Because different from general children’s shoes, correct shoes slants hard, and insoles for coping with the foot, do the height adjustment, when the boy began to wear shoes with correction is not adapt. This time, we should give their children wear slowly, slowly let your child be familiar with the correct shoes. General science wear? Correct shoes and centering orthopaedic division, said the children had just started wearing generally encourage is 2 – 3 hours, then slowly according to the condition of children to extend the time of wearing, eventually can realize wear throughout the day. If some children don’t adapt to wear in the morning, the morning wore rejected, also can let it sleep in at night. Science can help children dressing as soon as possible the foot shape correction, returned to normal. 3 and proper exercise. Want to have the effect, if any, proper exercise is necessary. Sports can enhance the muscle elasticity, through the muscle strength, can pull arch, arch returned to normal. And correct the function of shoes is more correct lines of force of lower limb, make lower limb power line perpendicular to the ground level, ease the pressure on joints, and promote the foot back to health. Is generally suitable for pulling movement including, toe movement, exercise child crus muscle of foot muscles; Toe movement, exercise thenar muscles, etc. Toes grabbing towels, rope skipping, playing basketball and bounce stretching is right choice.