Children’s wear arch orthopedic insoles useful? What are the matters needing attention

1, the arch of orthopedic insoles useful? Flatfoot, another reason is the front feet and arch stress for a long time, reduce the pressure of forefoot and arch is very important, especially to pay attention to the problem of shoes, most of the flat is improper wearing shoes, don’t wear anything with heels, will increase the arch stress, increase the flat. Flat shoes than with heels, wear flat shoes than with stronger XieXing walking ability, the symptoms are less. Patients with flat feet multi-purpose heels and the outside to walk, can light arch pressure, relieve symptoms. If not congenital also had no trauma, flat is likely to recover. Pay attention to exercise, pay special attention to lessen the pressure arch at the same time. Lack of muscle strength is difficult to maintain normal arch of the foot, so let’s exercise, flat feet of self-exercise method are many, toes down grasping at ordinary times, lift up exercise, can be done at any time, through to the foot muscles and ligaments and crus muscle behind the exercise, they are strong, flat feet can get a certain degree of correction and rehabilitation. 2, arch orthopedic insoles note: arch mat female flatfoot orthopedic insoles, useful flat feet on prevention. With a family history of flat feet, have been started to prevention, don’t wear flat shoes, wearing shoes or padded in the shoes. Don’t walk too long, too much weight. Foot bad development structures, such as the first metatarsal too short, scaphoid nodules is too long, navicular, congenital hallux valgus foot and so on also easy cause flat feet, also needs to take measures to prevent the introduction. Teenagers should pay attention to nutrition and rest, avoid to stand, walk too long, too much weight. Patients with flat feet can strengthen plantaris muscle exercise, buckling foot plantar, let foot touchdown, walk 5 minutes to the outer several times a day. The treatment of 3, flat feet, 3. 1, non-surgical therapy: suitable for posture sex, flat feet and most spastic flatfoot. Can be physical therapy, massage, and strengthen internal and external muscle exercise, wear with flat feet orthopedic shoes or flat insoles for correction. But it should give priority to in order to strengthen muscle strength exercise. For spastic flatfoot disease patients should pay attention to rest, severe cases can be overdo, the technique of anesthesia first and then use the calf boots fixed leg on varus adduction. After symptoms disappear, then wear flat orthopedic shoes and insoles. 3. 2, surgical therapy: a few patients by various non-surgical treatment is not effective, feasible three arthrodesis ( With roll joints, is apart from the boat joints and with joint) 。 Correct shoes custom-made center affiliated to the ( Beijing) Science and technology co. , LTD. , trademark ROKAB as its registered trademark. Ankle orthopaedic centre, is wholly owned by Canada, an professional ankle orthopaedic institute affiliated to the Rokab group, focusing on the ankle orthopaedic field in recent 40 years; Beginning in 2008 foot diseases of orthopedic work in Beijing, for all kinds of foot disease patients to provide professional personalized orthopedic scheme.