Choose good orthopedic insoles let the foot is not in pain

flat feet, eight words, sufficient evaginate, hallux valgus. 。 。 。 When you suffer the foot problem, have you considered buying a pair of orthopedic insoles correct? Internet search, variety complete, affordable, and hate not cure-all orthopedic insoles to pull a bundle. Pick a propaganda effect more. Professional technicians to tell you, but no! Orthopedic insoles, a far more professional than you might think. Network for a casually, have any effect, ‘may bring more damage to the feet, and even will bring trouble your knee, hip, helping to the waist, neck pain together.

orthopedic insole features like glasses

in daily life, the body weight, and walking, depend on the foot of the normal line of force. Studies have shown that foot function will directly affect the knee, hip, spine, and related soft tissues such as muscle, ligament.

small make up that we mentioned here of orthopedic insoles is not sewn mother warm deodorant insoles. But according to the characteristics of custom foot anatomy, to restore a normal biological mechanics for the purpose of correction equipment. Its effect is like myopia wear glasses, by making your feet restore correct posture, to relieve pressure and prevent sprain.

orthopedic insoles according to the production methods can be divided into prefabricated orthopedic insoles, custom orthopedic insoles, and custom Orthopedic insole molding type. Type precast insoles can also be divided into the heel pad, arch pad, foot pad, etc. According to the main application can be divided into two kinds: one kind is the adaptability of orthopedic insoles, mainly used for hold, adapt and protect the foot deformity or have failed to break the risk of disease, patients with chronic diseases such as arthritis or diabetes; Another kind is the functional orthopedic insoles, mainly through the provision of support or solid action to control foot, prevent damage and further deformation.

however, DiaoZiLong admitted that in the domestic use according to the doctor suggested that the personalized corrective insoles only a few people. People don’t understand and less attention to full health, make many people suffer in the body at the same time, increased the economic burden. Many young children because of foot uneven, lead to form O leg, X leg or diseases such as scoliosis; Adults were multiple ankle, knee, waist cervical vertebra disease.

professional insoles are smuggled people custom-made line

search found on the network shopping platform, a variety of orthopedic insoles, many varieties have correct inside and outside of eight legs, flat feet, foot evaginate, O, and can regulate diabetes. As medical, made no mention of medical concept. So, professional orthopedic insoles insoles with web search is the matter?

introduction, the main effect of orthopedic insoles is correct foot caused by physical structural biomechanics problem, it is produced by professional medical team, audited by the commodity price departments of formal products, there is a difference between with online sales promotion insoles.

real orthopedic insoles, each pair should be based on specific problems in patients with specially designed and tailored. Clinical needs of patients first diagnosis, evaluation, design, such as professional doctor made a measurement of the patients with bone rest position, neutral point of view, the tibia torsion Angle, such as tension of the muscles of lower limb, insoles ordering again. And orthopedic insoles, I sell on the net with hospital orthopedic insoles, the most essential difference is the mass production on the network, is the factory to make a unified mould first, then mass production, it is difficult to meet the demand of each patient’s individual character.

the orthopedic insoles on the market price from a decade or two yuan to hundreds of is big. How to judge the merits of the insoles? DiaoZiLong is introduced, the stand or fall of orthopedic insoles, first to see whether they can solve the problem of consumer foot or other parts; Second, the material requirements of orthopedic insoles is quite high, plasticity, can repeat, restore; Again, a better durability, ability of water, resistance to chemical attack; Also tasteless non-toxic, no bad effect to human body, so the high quality materials and common materials is the price of orthopedic insoles have certain difference.

orthopedic insoles choose not wounded foot and body

it is worth mentioning that consumers are often difficult to correctly judge their existing disease or dysfunction, need professional medical institutions for diagnosis. Instead of buying of orthopedic insoles if you don’t suit the, can aggravate or cause pain. If the foot has obvious dysfunction, do not recommend buying online production of orthopedic insoles, otherwise it is easy to hurt.

the number of shops selling orthopedic insoles on the network a lot, there are also some excessive publicity, such as some brand insoles that can heal from ordinary flat feet, eight words, the bone hyperplasia, osteoporosis, disc herniation, and then to diabetes, heart disease, menstrual cramps, etc. Introduction, orthopedic insole is not universal. For some disease, orthopedic insoles can only play the role of adjuvant therapy, need combined therapy with other treatments, if use orthopedic insoles for treatment, but will delay treatment, the opposite effect.