Congenital horseshoe varus foot symptoms affect children to grow up? What is the harm how to solve?

congenital horseshoe varus foot is the most common foot congenital malformation, happen this kind of disease, the incidence of about 1 & permil; , men are more a few, the female is relatively less, usually appear on both sides at the same time, the more some of the horseshoe varus foot can exist alone, can also be accompanied by other models, such as developmental dysplasia of the hip, congenital multiple joints contracture disease, and refers to many means, etc.

traumatic equinus varus was caused by indirect or direct violence after ankle fracture and dislocation of talus or ankle sprain ankle special position.

equinus varus namely strephenopodia horseshoe shaped. Mainly divided into two kinds of congenital malformations and ankle area damage. Is one of the most common birth defects, after the birth of the deformity. Is one more, can for the side.

a, a cause of varus foot

is a congenital defect in reproductive cells, the second is a drug, chemical elements such as radiation causes the fetal period. 3 it is uterine malformations or the twins or oligohydramnios squeeze the fetus during pregnancy, fetal abnormalities. Suggest check have uterine malformation, husband and wife have chromosome abnormal.

the horseshoe varus deformity are the main characteristics of the first half of the foot not to outreach and adduction, and internal rotation deformity, heel is tight, not easy to stretch pushed backwards in ankle prolapse.

2, congenital horseshoe varus foot effects on the growth of children

in the neonatal period, mainly adduction deformity of the foot, varus is not serious, therefore not easy to be found, often to the children started to walk only to find that is outer instep even fall to the ground with their feet to support the weight of the body, and show the swaying gait in both sides. The timing of treatment of horseshoe varus the sooner the better, the best start from the neonatal period. Deformity increasingly serious delay treatment, the front foot backwards varus, carry heavy parts produced callus and slippery bursa, tibia inward turning worse.

3, the harm of congenital horseshoe varus foot

congenital equinus varus generally happens in infants and young children, the harm is not only affect beautiful so simple, no treatment, as the increase of age, can accentuate deformity. Congenital equinus varus early treatment, necessary to understand the harm of the disease first: Dr Vassili expert points out, the horseshoe varus foot to cure of as soon as possible, so as to greatly reduce the harm done by the disease. Congenital horseshoe varus foot is a relatively common pediatric orthopaedic congenital malformations, its incidence is one over one thousand, twice as many boys as girls. The disease increases with age, deformity will gradually increase. Especially after the weight-bearing walking, because children can only use the outside YuanZhao, over time there will be a serious deformation of bone and joint, the outside edge local skin often appear abnormal thickening, called calluses on medicine.

4, water chestnut varus foot after diagnosis how should treat?

the horseshoe varus foot early diagnosis, treatment as soon as possible. At present all over the world to promote and popularize Ponseti method to treat congenital horseshoe varus foot. The technology is a long-term tested effective treatment measures. Of course need a professional experience and the technology implementation orthopaedic surgeons, mainly through the sequence of gypsum to gradually correct equinus deformity.

a newborn diagnosed horseshoe varus foot 2 weeks after birth can start treatment, each time through the lower limbs with feet of tube type plaster gradually correct each foot deformity, every time a plaster cast for a week, a week after the demolition of gypsum and evaluation, according to the effect of gypsum orthopaedic next gesso correction process. Every time after gesso contrast effects after the last time a plaster cast, so through the 4 – 6 times of gypsum orthopaedic, general can put equinus varus, adduction, high arch deformity obviously correct, finally through simple percutaneous tendon cutting technology can correct foot deformity, water chestnuts, that is, to improve foot plantar flexion function. Then enter into a fixed maintenance with a phase, usually with a stiff equinus children need to wear to a 4 – 6, lax equinus children to 1 – with a need to wear At the age of 2.

it is known that people with horseshoe varus foot baby, because the abnormal obviously, generally found in newborn can see, the diagnosis is not difficult, so the negligence cases is relatively rare. Here, remind your parents: children diagnosed congenital horseshoe varus foot, can start as early as 7 days of treatment, must not for a moment of fear, love, hold up the child.