Congenital horseshoe varus foot to cure

the treatment of congenital horseshoe varus foot principle mainly to correct deformities, early correction of deformity, function was restored. Treatment should be choose according to children’s age and deformity. From the need to adhere to, long observation and individualized treatment plan. Surgical treatment should be considered when body growth factors, surgical correction can be in different time, shoulds not be too disruptive.

congenital horseshoe varus foot is a common congenital malformation. By foot drop, in turn, adduction comprehensive three major malformation. After sufficient water chestnut, varus and internal rotation, forefoot adduction, varus deformity disease, high bow as the main performance. More incidence of male, for single disease, also can be on both sides. The congenital horseshoe varus foot to cure?

congenital equinus varus foot, if early treatment is completely curable. Congenital equinus, once found that can take the following treatment: the degree of deformity is relatively small, but children in the infant stage, massage, the dentures to treat, the effect of correction at this time is the most obvious. Patients in the treatment process must be positive and optimistic mentality, using better attitude to cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, so have a great effect for relief.

for very serious deformity, horseshoe varus in early surgical correction for need, such as an extension of the Achilles tendon or foot bone cutting. After the above treatment, parents need to be under the guidance of a doctor for children to do the corresponding functional exercise, in order to promote the recovery of these models are better.

in some cases, the deformity is very serious, a surgery may not be able to achieve complete correction. As the children’s growth, may require surgical correction for the second or third, to gradually achieve the result of correction. For this kind of disease, if early treatment is possible to cure, but treatment time is relatively long.

congenital horseshoe varus foot also is a kind of his foot deformity, many such cases, a lot of clinical symptoms, or see the child in you life walk foot position looks not very safe, and this situation will be more and more serious, congenital horseshoe varus foot after the birth of one side or both sides are drooping showed different degrees of varus deformity. Feet slightly adduction, prolapse, plantar creases, stretching back outreach elastic resistance, until the children learn to walk, progressive deformity.