Congenital horseshoe varus foot why should be corrected as soon as possible shoes

congenital horseshoe varus foot is more common birth defects in children’s skeletal system, because of its foot in turn inward turning, buckling is shaped like a horseshoe. About one over one thousand of that its incidence, the boy is in the majority. The world each year more than hundreds of babies are born with congenital horseshoe varus foot, 80% in developed countries, most go untreated or poorly treated, resulting in permanent disability.

congenital horseshoe varus deformity once diagnosed, treatment as soon as possible. Treatment goal is to eliminate or reduce the horseshoe varus deformity of all factors, in order to obtain normal appearance function, flexible, painless and powerful, can with a foot on the ground and normal wear shoes in the foot.

after the birth of a new baby found in the horseshoe, when to begin to wear shoes with correct. Correct

shoes in general as small as possible, in general it is best not to more than ten years old, but for the too small children try not to wear shoes, too early to wear shoes easy to affect the growth of baby’s bones, because the baby’s bones are relatively weak, vulnerable, specific situation still had better go to normal hospital in understanding.

but parents must first be clear what is the problem, and then by a professional orthopedic doctors to choose orthopedic shoes. Children correct shoes generally to personalized scanning based on the characteristics of the child’s illness development, type, orthopedic shoes, after making good let children on even, not the right place to adjust and modify, so as to achieve the best effect of the correction.

why must wear corrective shoes?

even if in the horseshoe varus deformity correction after completely, in full before 4 years old children, still have the possibility of recurrence. Wearing a foot to outreach support, it is the only way to prevent the recurrence of horseshoe varus foot. Can be worn by the non-compliance with efficient can reach 95%. Achilles tendon cut off three weeks after demolition of gypsum, must wear support immediately and shall throughout the day, Day and night) Wear a 3 months. Later, wear time can be reduced to 12 hours at night, 2 – during the day 4 hours, 14 – to wear every day 16 hours, always maintain a 3 – At the age of 4. In the first two days to start wearing support, because the feet are fixed together, the child will cry because it is uncomfortable, parents don’t so will take out, with a unless for wearing with a skin torn or pain. Don’t follow the doctor’s advice to wear with a child, equinus recurrence rate as high as 60% above. Use support will not affect child development, also won’t affect children sit, and walk in the future.

the horseshoe varus foot need correct shoes how long?

about three months. Correct the function of shoes is through to correct errors in the daily life to regulate strephenopodia walk, if the time is too short, is likely to lead to the child’s foot type change again. Correct shoes the ultimate purpose is to correct foot bones, so it is a long process, at the same time and review on a regular basis to wear orthotics rehabilitation exercise at the same time.

every time after plaster need to pay attention to what?

( 1) After gesso within 6 hours, check digit per hour at the end of the cycle, and then maintain 4 times in 1 day. Inspection method for gently press the digit observation of peripheral circulation. Press the digit will become white and then quickly returned to normal pink, shows good peripheral circulation. If the digits and nail bed is black, cold, and after press, can not quickly recover from white to pink, gypsum too tight. Once that happens, immediately contact the doctor check plaster. Water can also be used in household vinegar soak for demolition of gypsum to the hospital for a doctor to replace, it can effectively shorten the limb ischemia time.

( 2) Attention toes at the end of the gypsum position, if the digit indentation gypsum, gypsum loose, it is likely to cause skin pressure ulcers, to contact a doctor immediately replace gypsum.

( 3) Keep the gypsum clean and dry. If the plaster surface contamination, can use wet cloth clean.

( 4) After a plaster cast, limb drive up, can use a pillow or cushion pad below, waiting for the gypsum completely dry and harden. Back home, the child supine, limb pad at the end of every high, this will prevent pressure ulcers of the foot heel.

( 5) In the process of changing diapers, to prevent the urine into the plaster.

to wear enough outreach support to pay attention to?

( 1) Must first give the baby to put on a thick cotton socks to wear the support.

( 2) When the parents for the children to wear support, if children are to cooperate, to wear to wear normal foot plantar side first. When parents support for its worn, when children play, you will need to wear normal foot side first, and then wear the same.

( 3) After children set foot into the shoe, first of all, fasten the ankle strap, this place is fixed to the patient’s stable heel inside the shoe.

( 4) To clear the heel is placed in the heel of the children, can be checked through the up and down the calf. If children with digits before and after the move, then the heel not fully placed inside the shoe, you need to adjust the ankle strap. After wear, can use in shoes in front of the marker pen marks the location of the toes, every time after wearing, if the digits in the tag line shows the patient’s heel in the correct position.