Congenital sufficient evaginate, baby don’t try so hard to understand it

your baby’s foot health, often easily ignored by the parents. Serious foot problems, if not timely detection and treatment, will be permanent effects on the baby. In the baby’s bone development problems, sufficient evaginate problem is quite common. According to the statistics show that one in thousands of infants 1 ~ 2 people have sufficient evaginate problem was born. Below small make up to introduce sufficient evaginate should understand knowledge.

a congenital sufficient evaginate, baby is what reason is caused?

sufficient evaginate brought about because of a foot tendons dysplasia deformity, with flat feet and navicular collapse at the same time, the middle point of the calf, Achilles’ tendon and calcaneal at attachment type. Sufficient evaginate and eversion back stretch enough, is refers to the children’s heel axial deflection, is one of the common foot deformity. In addition, sufficient evaginate will trigger the ankle outer deformation.

2, how to found the baby in time if there is a congenital sufficient evaginate?

sufficient evaginate is marked by a newborn’s foot whole don’t cling to crus, normally this is because the fetus in the womb, the foot is being squeezed from a long period of time, cause calcaneum dorsiflexion and ectropion. After the birth of squeezing pressure disappears naturally heal.

3, the influence of the baby’s congenital sufficient evaginate

in general, sufficient evaginate, caused by congenital or genetic is caused by foot tendons dysplasia is a kind of deformity, with flat feet and navicular collapse at the same time, so often accompanied by the emergence of flat feet and X leg. Sufficient evaginate nots allow to ignore to the harm of baby:

1, the foot fatigue, baby don’t love to walk;

2, foot pain, easy to fall;

3, affecting the normal development of the knee joint, causing X leg;

4, walk not beautiful.

baby four, the treatment of congenital sufficient evaginate

1, the first foot evaginate best time is before 11, found early must take their children to a hospital checking as soon as possible, let the child sufficient evaginate can receive timely treatment, lest delay the best treatment time of the child, or the best treatment time. About 10 years practical subtalar joint arthrodesis.

2, pay attention to both sides of husband and wife before check general advice before 3 & ndash; 6 months began to do check, including both sides of husband and wife. Once pregnancy check found other problem, can also have time to intervene therapy. So, at least for 3 months in advance before inspection, and both sides of husband and wife should be performed at the same time.

3, at the same time, parents can also add a can in the child’s outer parts mat mat, if eversion phenomenon or worse, in considering the surgical treatment. Remind parents to keep in mind that is the best time to treat ectropion correction before the age of five, can’t put it off until after the age of five, or in the bones and ankle are transformed to accept treatment system.