Correct baby shoes | the walk, you notice?

the baby from birth, every action touched the hearts of the father mother watched him grow up slowly, prattles, (to sit, toddler, all this let my family proud and happy. Among them, for the posture of the baby, the most nots allow to ignore. Some baby walk always wrestling, some walked particularly ugly, parents often do. Little imagine, there are some abnormal posture is pathological, if the delay treatment, will cause serious consequences.

1 & ndash; 1 and a half years old, is the child by the hand walk to the independent walking smooth toddler key stage of the toddler period will be a bit of a stumbling, because the baby age is small, balance control ability is poorer, walking instability. 1 and a half is likely to be normal. Because from toddler to can very good control, need 3 – 6 months. Abnormal gait

after the baby walking independently, parents should observe the gait, if appear the following abnormal gait, you need to go to the hospital.


walk on tiptoe, Heel does not fall to the ground) Specific performance:

when walking heel is not easy to be born, is always tiptoe, like dance ballet, particularly when running, such children often tiptoe up hard cock.

common etiology:

cerebral palsy or various equinus deformity, need to be determined by professional doctor diagnosis as soon as possible.


step duck ( Swaying gait) Specific performance:

upper body when walking instability, from side to side, like ducks walk, some unilateral lesion, to a lesser degree of children also may not be obvious, or to the side of the swing. Common causes:

1, the unilateral instability in children may be part of the lower limb muscle weakness, for various reasons, or the load-bearing body pain, pain to avoid maintaining balance and gait, this is also need a doctor to identify.

2 step, if at first when there is duck, probably exists dislocation of the hip. The disease early diagnosis and treatment of the most critical, so once found that need to go to a doctor immediately.

3, the original walk normally, sudden unilateral limp, and body sway, the possibility of synovitis is bigger, can stay in bed for watch and see, if the merger fever, joint swelling, or 3 – 5 days no better, need to go to a doctor.


step scissors ( With legs walk) Specific performance:

walking very like models, legs crossed, on your feet to the ground in a straight line, lay down the leg separately to bed flat on top of it is very difficult, this the adductor muscle tension. Common cause:

is cerebral palsy children more, many born preterm birth, anoxic condition, need a doctor check after judgment is rehabilitation treatment still need surgery to correct.


O leg

the specific performance:

, his legs apart two legs shaped like a bracket, it is a typical O leg ( Knee varus) 。 Baby legs curled up in my mother belly, can have O leg after birth, as we age, be in commonly 2 s straightened. If after age 2 O leg is still very obvious, that is about to consider the pathological factors. Common causes:

calcium or vitamin D deficiency rickets, skeletal dysplasia.


X leg

the specific performance:

when walking with legs, feet are separated very far. His legs are & gt; < Shape, therefore calls X leg. It can be to look for X leg: baby the baby bilateral knees together, on both sides of the inside of the ankle also should be able to move, when bilateral knees together on both sides of the ankle inside can't close, and the distance between each other for more than 2 cm, can be called is & quot; X leg & quot; ( Knee valgus) 。 Common causes:

& quot; X leg & quot; Can be divided into physiological and pathological. Physiological X leg refers to normal children of double lower limbs, generally within two years of age often will lean & quot; O leg & quot; ( Knee varus) ; During the period of two years or four years, due to growth, weight and position change, the influence of such factors will gradually towards & quot; X leg & quot; ; During the age of four to seven years old and from & quot; X leg & quot; Get straight; In ten years or so, ninety-five percent of the children of the appearance of lower limbs will be completely straightened. There are many reasons for pathological X leg orthopaedic surgeons need to children after definite diagnosis, proper treatment plan according to the cause.

these common performance, also may be sick!

1, running, or up and down the stairs easily wrestling, will suddenly leg boring falls, it could be a patellar dislocation.

2, originally is normal, after be brought up gradually in walking instability, leg is boring, running slowly, up and down the stairs is difficult, may be a manifestation of muscle weakness.

3, eight walk in ugly, laborious and shoes. Comparatively common girl, and more long-term W kneeling posture and habitual walking posture, but some will rotate in the process of bone deformities, most by orthopedic insoles to correct, for the children of bone deformities, possible only through surgery to correct abnormal gait.