Correct flat feet shoes help?

Thought the child flat feet is normal, it is good to grow up slowly, but now 5 years old the child, or flat feet, and feel his heel also has a clear out. Made a check, the doctor said this is a serious flat feet, can have influence on everyday, suggest wear orthopedic shoes insoles and correction, and do some training. Serious flat feet and is said to have these effects: ankle and knee, pelvis and lumbar back joints, close relationship. Ankle joint if internal rotation during walking for a long time, the legs will follow other related parts twist, not only causes the heel pain, in the future will also cause low back pain, pelvic pain, and even the knee cartilage wear, etc. If not early intervention, suffering from deteriorating, pains will affect the life and work. For the children, flat feet, not only to foot and leg muscle fatigue, pain, will directly affect their physical and mental development. In orthopedic shoes and orthopedic insole can adjust the foot line to make it close to normal biological force, reduce the arch flat part of the pull of the muscle and soft tissue, so as to improve muscle use efficiency, and reduce the rate of strain occurs. Now have to the child to wear for a long time, he has adapted to, there is some feeling effect, children to walk more than ever, would also like to do more exercise. Children have such a change I still very happy! Correct shoes custom-made center affiliated to the ( Beijing) Science and technology co. , LTD. , trademark ROKAB as its registered trademark. Ankle orthopaedic centre, is wholly owned by Canada, an professional ankle orthopaedic institute affiliated to the Rokab group, focusing on the ankle orthopaedic field in recent 40 years; Beginning in 2008 foot diseases of orthopedic work in Beijing, for all kinds of foot disease patients to provide professional personalized orthopedic scheme.