Correct shoes correct children’s foot problems, parents can rest assured the child healthy growth

corrective shoes correct foot problems in children, parents can rest assured the child healthy growth

every journey begins with a single step, no small children foot health. High incidence of teenage children foot problems in our country, as a teenager, bad health habits to adulthood will gradually appear, the child’s foot health should attention as soon as possible. The child’s foot health problems show the importance of crawl in the transition to walk upright. When the baby’s life is the first step should be to give the most considerate care.

physiological state, the baby’s legs look usually curved. In fact, many babies in appears before the age of 1 tibial bending, have O leg 2 years ago, the baby grow in the 18 months or so with automatic correction, may be natural overcorrection, and 3 – At the age of 4 X leg, until around age 6, also some children until September At the age of 10 are straight legs.

the child if at ordinary times often adopt the kneeling posture, sitting position, namely W will lead to the femur internal rotation is aggravating, contributes to children of eight and type O leg is one of the important reasons. Therefore, parents can observe whether their children have this feature, in a timely manner to correct bad habits, and can effectively control the femur in the compound.

if the child has foot problems, requires attention, parents need to give the child the artificial intervention correction

1, daily correction: straight line, the simplest way is to eliminate the eight words, the effect is very good also, walking straight demands tiptoe forward, your feet parallel, tandem will be in a straight line. Cooperate the squat, lateral kicking shuttlecock, after practice, the eight words will gradually improve. While O leg use sit cross-legged, more frogs lay etc cooperate bypass movement posture training, flat support and so on muscle strength training to correct.

2, massage correction: in the trials by the lateral thigh muscle group to correct. O leg, you need to stretch the rectus abdominal oblique muscle, glutes and iliopsoas, adductor muscle, the quadriceps muscle and relax with the iliotibial band.

3, correction: with a choice of professional foot orthopaedic instruments within eight correct shoes, children’s correction, the correction insoles, etc. But there are a lot of custom correct shoes on market institutions, even in a treasure to appear on the clothing company, also can have custom insoles for service.

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