Correct the horseshoe valgus shoes work wonders

Horseshoe valgus is one of clinical common foot deformity, usually because the virus during pregnancy, radiation, trauma and other factors, causing children congenital deformity, have certain genetic predisposition. Feet in patients with severe left outside, makes walking very inconvenience, very painful, is actually a kind of physical disability. And the disabled is by no means can’t treat disease, before 5 years old in our hospital lele, correct shoes and custom insoles center there are many children by wearing the horseshoe correction valgus shoes cure, make numerous equinus patients, life can be like normal person walk, get rid of the clouds become disabled.

horseshoe valgus reasons mainly include the following: 1, if the development of the fetus in the womb, a foot long oppressed not moderate, it is possible to form a valgus. Some think long-term excessive pretibial muscle tension, ligament is flabby, may also cause valgus muscle fatigue. 2, if the baby is suffering from rickets general soft bones, if walk too early or too much, easy to deformation in the ankle of weight-bearing joints, then form a sufficient evaginate. 3, the beginning of bone development of infants and young children, if early learning to walk, at this time will increase the pressure of the foot joints, followed by the tilt too much. If the baby is fat, the foot should bear more weight, also can increase the incidence of the sufficient evaginate. 4, when the baby sitting in the stroller, leg bone did not fully developed is generally maintained a knee out of position. Many children have sufficient evaginate, knee valgus were caused by this situation. 5, the baby just started learning to walk, if the position is not correct, and parents is not found and corrected in time, time is long will lead to heel axial deflection, serious when still can with flat feet and collapse of the scaphoid. Some parents too early for your baby to wear hard leather shoes, the sole hard or overweight, can increase the stress of the foot joints. Wear corrective horseshoe valgus shoes note: horseshoe varus foot corrective shoes head layer cowhide, high quality corrective special rubber sole, Thomas is used to correct the horseshoe varus foot pan sethi fixed with plaster therapy after major orthopedic shoes. Can treat children flat feet, eight words, sufficient evaginate, followed by eversion, followed by a varus, congenital horseshoe varus foot, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, brain trauma sequela, double lower limbs long range, high arches, X leg, O leg and foot disease. The following method to restore: baby within the age of 1, 1, lactation, the mother and an aide to assist lever method is correct, the baby knees ( The Achilles tendon relaxation) , assistant is fixed with the knee joint, the operator children with one hand above the ankle, with the front foot plantar surface, make an effort to develop sufficient evaginate, outreach and back stretch, 2 times daily, soft, avoid to fractures, correcting moderate. 2, 1 – 3 years of age, stage correction, a plaster cast, general paralysis patients supine, 15 degrees, or stomach knee 90 degrees, assistant support knee and leg. Performer with heel, correct the heel varus prolapse, horizontal pushing foot plantar surface before hand, correct prolapse varus adduction deformity at the same time, in full correction, from central to plantar toe joints, 15 degrees knee plaster fixed tube type. Children with postoperative note gypsum oppression, crying. Immediately go to a hospital checking, in easy compression bone protruding parts of the window. 3, 3 – 15 years of age, and technique in the treatment of the losers, or untreated patients, soft tissue release surgery treatments are available. On some matters needing attention in the process of wear: from gypsum to requirements with a zero transition: after the demolition of gypsum, immediately put on correct shoes, do not pause in the middle, the interval of more than 3 hours, can increase the probability of the baby crying. 24 hours of wear is 3 ~ 6 months: check every day, with a found loose or damaged in a timely manner to the hospital. Check your child’s feet every day, whether red, presence of pressure ulcers, and rash. Children leave with a time every day must be strictly controlled in accumulated within 1 hour. Can be decorated with small toys such as support to make it look more beautiful, so not drab. Children crying in the support by first hug or hold way to comfort the child, don’t immediately removed correct shoes, if the child is crying continuously, under the correct shoes should be check, if no problem, back to the correct advice immediately shoes.