Correction of congenital horseshoe varus foot causes

Congenital horseshoe varus foot is a common foot congenital malformation, the incidence of foreign literature reports is only 1%. ~ 3%. The boy see more, about 70%, bilateral incidence of about 50%. Children with this disease is characterized by knee joint muscles beyond, tendons, ligaments, bones, blood vessels and the joint capsule has a different degree of pathological changes often with developmental acetabulum hypoplasia or hip, spina bifida, torticollis.

【 The cause of 】 The causes of congenital horseshoe varus foot theory is various, may be related to many factors. ( A) Genetic factors in the pathogenesis of congenital horseshoe varus foot related to race, different RACES prevalence. Home inns family has children with congenital horseshoe varus foot, 30 times its compatriots prevalence can increase, one single twins ill, is another baby at risk for 32. Double twins at 5%, while the other baby only for 2 more at risk. 9%. ( A) Abnormal organization for children with congenital horseshoe varus foot knee almost beyond all organizations are abnormal, calf and fibrous tissue in the connective tissue increased significantly. ( 2) Neuromuscular deformities ( 3) Abnormal embryonic development ( 4) Gene mutations, 5) Other factors’ Clinical manifestations of 】 Congenital horseshoe varus foot deformity consists of three parts: (1) after strephenopodia, water chestnut, With astragalus caused by plantar flexion at first glance appears to be no heel, so it is also called help shape; The first metatarsal prolapse, (2) in the foot by foot inside sag shows high deformity, plantar fascia tight as cords; (3) forefoot adduction supination. Compared with the healthy side, small and narrow, fine crus muscle atrophy, but feel normal. Medial malleolus touch is not clear, can and protruding from the dorsolateral broken metatarsal bones. Support the children stand, the lateral foot YuanZhao is. Abnormal age slightly longer, are increasingly apparent, gait slope line, weight-bearing walking for a long time, the dorsolateral foot thickening of visible slippery bursa and corpus callosum. 【 Treatment 】 The treatment of congenital horseshoe varus foot principle is the sooner the better, should begin immediately after birth. The vast majority of children by way of the early correct correct and appropriate external fixation can get satisfactory therapeutic effect, make the most of the children especially for deformed to a lesser degree, in soft congenital horseshoe. For deformity, stiffness of children, by right, patience, lasting correction approach, can also correct part deformation, such as the forefoot adduction, and make the back of soft tissue contracture is flabby, lay a foundation for surgical treatment. According to the author’s experience, congenital horseshoe varus foot a satisfactory therapeutic effect lies in three months after birth, is the best time for the treatment of congenital horseshoe varus foot. Ankle orthopaedic centre is committed to the construction of domestic medical orthopedic system, strive to Canada mature ankle orthopaedic system introduced into China. In clinical medical institutions at all levels to carry out extensive cooperation, helping to build their own medical institutions orthopaedic department, for all levels of hospital culture, full-time or part-time orthopedic medical staff to make medical institutions at all levels have some diagnosis, detection, data acquisition, scheme design, curative effect evaluation. Will provide professional technology, services, and products, improve the structure of the medical institutions at all levels, for the majority of patients to provide reasonable and effective corrective work.