Custom correct shoes | children correction function and use

The function and application of the correct shoes


children orthopedic shoes is also called the correction for the innate and acquired the foot bone disease have good correction and improvement. Special heel after knee high shoes can enhance protection and stability of the human body, avoid foot heel after children walk with varus. Bamboo charcoal with polymer fiber insole with infrared ray and negative ions releasing effect, moisture absorption, breathable, antibacterial, deodorant, durable, shock absorption, etc.

the function of the children’s orthopedic shoes:

designed according to the principle of biomechanics, advance has been a large number of clinical test and statistical analysis, puts orthoses inside shoes interlining, combined with shoes become one; Shoes with personalized and valgus orthopaedic insoles, orthopedic shoes has a good stability. Can keep the built-in orthopedic insoles do not shift and moving. Its special heel cup design, have the function of the calcaneal clamping, can make children heel bone in a neutral position, to prevent and correct the heel skewed. Toe outside using baffle design, to correct the forefoot partial phenomenon. Sole has a unique design, with Thomas heel and cross bow pad, can bear arches.

indications: flat feet, eight children, sufficient evaginate, followed by eversion, followed by varus, congenital horseshoe varus foot, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, brain trauma sequela, double lower limbs long range, high arches, X leg, O leg and foot disease. Also can well improve the toddler baby’s incorrect stress, prevent walking inside outside of eight and eight.

children orthopedic shoes look very close to normal, to maximum extent, to avoid the psychological barriers and negative impact on children.

professional shoes custom correction and corrective insoles

believes that many people with severe flat feet, after sufficient evaginate, is familiar to the correct insoles. But you know, a pair of correct how insoles are made? It is based on what role? Correct shoes develop center, can be found, in addition to a professional personage inside, in the position of the wall will have some big machines, the role of these machines is that three dimension measure your foot shape, rely on large data modeling, the best reference data are given. After the professionals will be according to the measured data of foot custom insoles.

professionals will choose according to the child’s foot is insoles at the same time, will also, according to the practical degree after they wear different parameters of real time fine-tuning insoles, make each pair of custom fit children different foot demand.