Don’t be afraid! Correct the upper you solve children flat feet

don’t be afraid! Corrected upper flat feet you solve children

a number of kinematics veteran reminds, the child’s foot development stage at the age of 4 to 14, a foot fat loss after 4 years old children, bearing increased, arch started slowly setting, if development is not good, will form the flat feet, plus parents don’t early intervention, after grow up flat feet, may need to do bone cutting orthopaedic surgery, can be restored to normal arch of the foot.

formed the flat feet, feet, elastic seismic force will be reduced, the ligaments muscle has been in a state of tension, people of sports ability will be down straightly, and because of muscle force is not uniform, it is easy to cause the symptom such as splayfoot, sufficient evaginate.

flat feet there are several reasons:

1. Genetic factors: the occurrence of flat feet and is closely related to genetic factors. Including the abnormal situation of foot bones and muscles of abnormal situation, a foot of Achilles tendon is too short, congenital skeletal dysplasia can cause flat-footed.

2。 Limb disorders: this factor to form the day after tomorrow. In the process of the development of children’s flat feet caused by some physical problems. Because of child growth and development speed is very fast, especially in the pediatric teenage adolescence, is the height of the growth and development, activity is also gradually increase, lead to arch collapse, forming acquired flatfoot. Or a foot injury, and didn’t get very good treatment due to the flat feet. Another long walk is not correct, also can have the risk of flat feet. Should parents enough attention.

flat feet with different symptoms of weight:

after long stand or tired feet, fatigue or foot swelling, redness, can reduce or disappear after resting, but after a tired later;

the person that weigh can happen a foot evaginate, can not long stand or walk, run and jump is difficult, then mainly spasmodic contraction of muscle occurred;

arrived late, due to a muscle spasm permanent contracture state formation, although pain relief, but more difficult to walk, stand up and run and jump, foot lose buffer shock ability, so that the whole body weight-bearing joints are easy to take joint disease.

flat feet treatment should be given priority in order to prevent the aggravating

the development of children and teenagers should strengthen nutrition and rest, avoid overfatigue and long standing position, it is very important to prevent flat feet

the trend have flat feet and parents are flat feet, juvenile stage should begin foot muscle exercise

as phase modulation toes, toes clip, stamped on the rolling cylindrical object, can exercise the foot muscles and prevent flat feet.

but most of orthopedic shoe, for example, to the child development of arch, stabilize joints, adjust the body’s muscles are, and for all day wear, also can effectively help children develop good habits

the child’s ability to gold development period in those years, early wear corrective shoes, with certain correction training, be the priority of school-age parents.