Don’t know how to wear shoes with correct, do not be afraid! Children should be how to use the orthopedic shoes?

don’t know how to wear shoes with correct, don’t be afraid! Children should be how to use the orthopedic shoes?

a lot of parents complain, why wear so long orthopedic shoes without effect, and baby wear more and more uncomfortable, more parents question orthopedic shoes can intervene the baby’s foot problems, think flat-footed orthopedic shoe doesn’t mitigate serious problem, also may lead to more serious damage. This fact? If parents think orthopaedic baby shoes in a period of time, such as half a year, without any improvement, may be the baby in the way of an error. What kind of way of wearing is right?

1, the correct way of orthopedic shoes configuration to customize according to the personal situation. Because everyone foot problem is different, even if the flat feet, also can have different levels of flat feet, even accompanied by other symptoms appear. In configuration orthopedic shoes, therefore, have to take the baby to the specialized agencies, do a system of evaluation by professionals, according to the child foot measurement conditions, order children orthopedic shoes for baby. The correct shoes services tailored center has the corresponding test foot, can through the foot 3 d scanner accurately measure the child foot 3 d situation, combined with large data support for more than ten years, custom fit to the child’s orthopedic shoes.

2, right on time, step by step to follow rules. Some worried parents hope the baby quickly returned to normal, and force children to take a long time wearing, even if the baby is still in the adjustment period. Some parents even as a baby sleeping of time, would also need to wear corrective shoes. It is not necessary, this approach not only cannot achieve higher correct foot problems, also can lead to rejection, etc. Correct shoes custom-made center often said, custom orthopedic shoes is different from general children, for children wear, for the first, need a adaptive process. At the beginning, therefore, to wear, can be appropriate to shorten the time of wear, such as wear 2 – only a day 3 hours. After children are familiar with the orthopedic shoes, you can begin to extend to 7 – In 8 hours. And in the evening, orthopedic shoes can be off, it can let the baby foot get adequate rest.

only mastered the scientific way of wearing, with proper stretching, can promote the baby foot muscle recovery elasticity, to correct the problem.