Don’t look down upon flat feet, ignore it is equal to give up their own health

don’t look down upon flat feet, ignoring it is equal to give up its own health

flat feet is mainly due to some reason make the foot bone morphology is unusual, caused by a ligament relaxation flat feet in teenagers, have a genetic predisposition. Arch is a uniquely human anatomy, to adapt to the needs of the single stand and walk for a long time, evolved because of people’s way of life and environment is different, the normal arch height is differ, low arch form is not the cause of flatfoot symptoms, only some reasons caused by abnormal foot bone morphology, muscle atrophy, ligament contracture or chronic strain to form flat feet disease ( 皮瓣的脚) 。 Although part of patients with flat feet will not appear serious symptoms, but some of the problems of flat feet may still cannot be ignored.

generally flat feet are divided into the following two types:


congenital flat feet

genetic factors cause the arch foot skeletal muscle congenital dysplasia.


acquired flatfoot

flat feet, also known as adults, usually long wrong walk. or wear inappropriate shoes for a long time, coupled with factors such as obesity, tendon degeneration, the function of the arch weakened gradually and disappeared, and no longer have the function of the elastic cushion, cause the failure of arch, the formation of flat feet

the dangers of flat feet

human body standing, foot with calcaneal tubercle, only 1, 5 broken metatarsal bones, 3 points on the ground can make the balance of the body achieve stability. Arches can make the plantar nerves, blood vessels from oppression. Arch at the same time also has the very good elasticity, greatly reduce the force can make the ground effect to the body, in order to protect the internal organs, especially to protect the brain from frequent shock, but also to stand up and running, jumping in the various kinds of sports. Many of plantar ligaments in a foot to play the role of a bowstring, although these ligaments is tenacious, but lack of the ability of active contract, once the passive stretch or damage, the arch collapse, become flat feet.


the foot disease

flat feet patients prone to plantar medial pain, pain after the long standing or walking will intensify. Because of arch collapse, cause the foot muscle and fascia long-term excessive force, also easy to cause plantar fasciitis; Flat valgus appear foot point of gravity change, leading to heel load is too large, the tendon under pressure, and appear damage, cause inflammation, lead to Achilles tendinitis.

caused by collapse of the arch foot evaginate, and fibula with calcaneal impact will cause the lateral ankle pain.


the leg disease

flat feet patients because of excessive valgus foot and internal rotation, compensatory valgus knee and compensatory extorsion and hip, etc. , which in turn could cause these parts of the pain and arthritis.


spinal disease

to continue, will harm the pelvis, pelvis, the coccyx downward shift, thighs, pelvis, rotating incline, eventually become the scoliosis, low back pain, inclined shoulder, leg length, etc. Individual patients with flat feet may even have the following symptoms of back pain is the only, as the above cases.

what do you have flat feet?

look heel:

if the wear and tear of the medial heel appears obvious, this may be caused by knock knees or flat feet. Because arch flat, when the central foot touchdown, foot can tilt inward, leading to the inside of the heel badly worn.

see footprints:

flat feet how cure?

most flat feet had no symptoms, also do not need treatment. Flat feet cause symptoms such as pain, only need to be treated. Conservative treatment is in


muscle strength training

a flatfoot is an important reason why thenar muscles support strength is not enough, if some muscle training a foot, often to restore a foot support structure, ease symptoms associated with a flat feet;


weight loss

obese people lose weight or heavy manual Labour or reduce weight, also can alleviate the symptoms of flat foot.


orthopedic insole

flat feet in patients with valgus foot often, use of orthopedic insoles can correct the eversion of the foot, then obviously ease symptoms associated with a flat feet. In addition, the use of orthopedic insoles can also prevent flat feet to continue to progress. Surgical treatment

conservative treatment is invalid, or deformity is very serious, will consider surgery. Operation need according to the illness.