Dry goods share! For serious foot of teenagers to understand correct shoes

today is to talk about correcting the insole and the knowledge of the correct shoes, don’t say you don’t need to know, have a survey recently, along with the development of arch to improve, but still about 25% of children have low arches, flat feet, that is, it is often said, 25% of the proportion is not less. So when the child appears flat feet, and even serious situation, flat feet, what should I do? The answer is to use the correct shoes and corrective insoles to assist in the correction. Given we know about these two things may not be too much, today is to is influential in the industry and correcting shoes and corrective insoles popular science as an example to you about.

full of teenagers without care after a long time, there is no may be correct. Among them, the correct shoes and corrective insoles is conservative and won’t cause too much damage to the child. Correct shoes to wear, what are the first to understand the correct shoes parts, what is their role, to better use and adapt to the correct shoes. Today is to is influential in the industry and correcting shoes and corrective insoles popular science as an example to you about.

choose not simple corrective insoles must suitable

the foot often argued, to correct the shoes wear comfortable children, in addition to the suitable size, flat degree and after sufficient evaginate range must also be appropriate, so need to know first by multiple inspection stereo children feet, find the most appropriate method of correction. It is understood that in the center of the correct shoes custom check, in addition to have special equipment, there will be artificial detection, instrument and artificial hand, combined with years of big data, to the foot of children out of the right foot solution. As a result, most customers said sure that love has been correct shoe insoles and correction can make it more comfortable at the same time, also can effectively improve children foot problems.

corrective shoe insoles and correction is how to play

with the high rectify correct shoes and insoles, for example, it is specifically for serious flat feet under the age of 14, after sufficient evaginate, slightly pointed foot, X leg children shoes and insoles. The correct shoes all package design: use of ankle joint on both sides of the heel cup, add hard fixtures, upper heightening, will foot structure of the whole package, which increases the stability and control, further the centralizer ankle, to help control the knees of the force line, effectively controlled after sufficient evaginate amplitude; And corrective insoles can according to the degree of flat arches, a foot soft tissue thickness gives the most close to the required volume and orthodontic force, can the centralizer ankle, adjusting force line of lower limbs.

then, how to understand the correct shoes daily wear. Correct socks wear shoes recommended collocation, if in the process of shoe last contact with foot position happen, to suspend a foot division correction and timely contact. Correct shoe wearing the longer the better the results, but also need only walk in children sports wear, evening rest sleep can let the children take off the correct shoes.

in the end, also note do more corresponding strengthening exercises, in the foot to get support at the same time, make muscles get enough exercise, promote the healthy growth of the foot.