Dry goods share! How to customize the length of the legs to wear shoes?

the length of the legs is actually can be divided into structural ( Real leg long range) And functional two kinds big. The structural length shortening on the leg is refers to the skeleton, is a kind of fixed bone deformities. Often because small leg or femur fracture occurred, after healing, length is reduced. In some special cases, such as cerebral palsy, hemp, also often appear grows the growth of the asymmetry phenomenon of lower limbs. Functional differ long is due to the spine, pelvis, ankle and other incorrect posture, or weakness. Including hip dislocation. For one leg short leg long friend to customize the length of the legs to wear shoes is the most effective methods, different customized programs make shoes in the walk is a far cry from the improvement of the results. Small make up today to discuss about the length of the legs shoes how to customize the most comfortable, the most beautiful. And what’s the cause of the length of the legs?

why the length of the legs?

1, hip and lumbar spine and pelvis around the muscle tension imbalance, makes the pelvis up or spinal scoliosis, our body centre of gravity will imbalances, with left and right sides of the tensile strength of the psoas major imbalance, for example, one side of the psoas major contraction, which side will make the pelvic tilt, and lateral spine, pelvis held high, length of the leg at this time.

2, around the hip muscle imbalances makes femoral neck too forward or backward. Due to the femur rotor based on 135 degree Angle of embedded hip rather than like a stick straight embedded joint, therefore the femoral neck is abnormal before leaning or will cause pelvic height.

3, asymmetric foot problems, such as a foot arch is normal, the other foot is flat feet or high arches, which yao foundation frame-up cases, easy to cause the length of the legs, the body itself is a balance in whole, or pelvic skew spinal scoliosis is sometimes in order to balance the obstacle or defect of a portion of the body. The foot is a place that should be concerned about.

the length of the legs, most are functional, although not really long legs, but about leg long have different phenomenon represents the skew pelvis, spinal scoliosis, physical force is not an average. If the time is long, the waist, hip, knee, etc will be severely affected.

a custom is a personalized customization. Is the same length of legs, each one’s situation is different, to customize a pair of shoes fit me the length of the leg first then give specific foot data clear. Shoes comfort depends on the early stage of the measurement of various data and shoes master craftsmanship.

the size and the height of the most basic data is poor. So often have customers make a phone call to ask us, what size I wear shoes, two legs bad several centimeters, please help me to do a pair of shoes. Indeed, there are some businesses with the two data can give the wearer ordering a pair of shoes, but less than we do, we think that this order can be mass production assembly line type. Rigorous professional custom master is not going to use to determine the size of the large size of his work, if nothing else, only a few domestic brands of sizes are respectively for the standard, not to mention other countries shoe size conversion to come over.

we made from the first pair of shoes began to put the user’s foot data acquisition as a top priority, flexible rule from the beginning, then the caliper foot type gathering box by now. Foot width, arch radian, each part of the plantar pressure distribution are ordered a pair of important data of length of the legs to wear shoes.

shoes can set out to determine the good data preparation work. Is through strict control of raw materials, for example, is also a cowhide is staggering on the quality, the different levels of our head skin to make a choice, different parts with different density and thickness, ensure comfortable. Length of leg wear shoes is the most core part of the sole. Our shoes outsole, the bottom and the insole, different positions of the inner bottom also is depending on the plantar pressure and choose different material to make, all the body weight is concentrated in the feet of a foot, so the inner bottom will return to check with custom experience.

love beautiful heart the person all has, for friends, walking trouble and inconvenience we feel deeply that we will use the concept of professional technology and serious and responsible to complete each a pair of shoes.